7 key aspects of staff training and inductions to consider

7 Key Aspects of E-Learning That You Need to Consider

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7 Key Aspects of E-Learning That You Need to Consider

When it comes to e-learning and e-training, there are so many elements that could benefit your business. Some you may not have thought about before and once you consider it as an option, you wonder how you’ve managed without an online system for so long. Some are issues that you’ve managed to deal with, but have come with time and cost constraints that can be overhauled with the use of an online platform.

The e-learning and e-training market is developing constantly and there could be a software platform out there for almost any bespoke project you need one for. At Keyzo, we offer bespoke software development that can be customised to meet your every need. Alongside this we have three software options that are also completely customisable to feature your branding and colours, needs for your specific business and needs for different industries.


You can learn more about our induct&train software, read&sign software and staffportal software on our website. Each one has made an impact to companies across the country. Managers are often under a lot of pressure to cut costs and time restraints on certain tasks and new training challenges arise almost daily.

In this blog post, we look more in depth at seven of these issues and the approach you can take to combat any challenges using an online solution, including the globalisation and growing diversity of your company.

1) Employees Speaking Different Languages

As we mentioned in our previous post about Health & Safety North and the seminars we attended in Manchester last week, language barriers are a huge issue across many industries, especially in multi-cultural workforces. Many companies encourage diversity within the workplace, but what happens when the language barrier becomes difficult? Some managers have mentioned to us in the past how contractors could arrive onsite speaking a variety of languages, or HGV drivers could be coming over from Europe to deliver important stock and goods with no onsite training because of the barrier.

With an Online Induction System, you can programme as many languages as needed within the software that can be changed to suit each individual inductee via a drop down in the top right corner of the screen. This ensures everyone has the same experience through their induction and all the important health & safety e-training is understood fully.

2) Catering For Different Levels of Knowledge and Skill

When you’re employing a large volume of staff, it can be difficult to develop an induction process that caters for all levels of knowledge and skill across the board. Some contractors may have years of experience and excellent reading and writing skills, whereas others may thrive in a more hands-on learning environment.

A system which is engaging is essential to a good online induction, to ensure users are getting the most from their e-training and can be confident in themselves that they are ready for the workplace. It also gives management piece of mind that incidents shouldn’t happen. We make our online training as engaging as possible, using your current induction material and adding video and animations to help inductees absorb all the information given.

3) Catering For Employees Based In Different Sites Across the Country (or the World…)

Traditional training and corporate learning for new starters can be difficult to organise and implement when your staff work across multiple sites and locations. To do a face to face induction, management across each staff will need extra training to run the sessions, or one member of staff will have to and from where each is based, which then results in high costs for travel, as well as the time that is used to do so. Using an online process saves time and money in this sense.

If different trainers are conducting each induction intake, consistency of the quality of induction could differ massively. If the induction process is based online, you know exactly what every single inductee is being taught and informed of.

4) Ensuring Users Are Actually Absorbing the Information

Within a large group of inductees, a ‘one size fits all’ approach will never work. You need to facilitate for different styles of learning and how people digest the information including the environment that they do it in. Most will thrive with a flexible process where they can complete all the work that needs to be read through in their own time within their own environment. Within that environment, new employees can saturate information much easier.

Throughout the process, we can add questionnaires that need completing before moving onto the next section of training. If the inductee does not complete the questionnaire to a standard that is deemed appropriate, it will not let them onto the next part of training and will be flagged up to management to then further train them on that assessment topic.

5) Utilising Systems To Become a Go-To Place For All Training Needs

Using an online system ensures that other means can be integrated to create a full go-to platform for staff information. When completing induction work, each employee sets up a full profile with all their skills, qualifications and details. From there, admin can then search for staff needed for certain projects based on skill if needs be. There is also the option to set review periods between the time inductions are taken to make sure training is fully up to date.

A calendar can also be synced with the system so that staff members can book on to further training and assessments if needed for their role. If certain job roles need a fit for work assessment completing, it can all be done through the Online Induction Software.

6) Check Staff Are Up To Date Easily

Making sure staff are up to date with training and qualifications can easily be done by using an online system. The Induction software will store all details of staff needed for their job role, giving you a full searchable database. Notifications can then be sent to management and admin staff as a reminder to re-book staff members onto training programmes to top up their skills and qualifications.

You can also integrate systems so, for example, our Read&Sign Software can then send out notices that need to be acknowledged reminding staff members about future training. You can then monitor who has read the message and send reminders to them to book on and update their skills. It is more efficient if any of this training is available online so that it can be accessed in the office, on site, when commuting or at home.

7) Improve Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Across the world, companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and the effect it is having on the environment. Taking the step across to e-training rather than spending money on trainers to travel potentially across the country to deliver induction sessions to groups of new starters can significantly save money. An online platform means people can access all the material needed remotely without every person having to travel to a designated meeting place for their on-boarding process.

It also reduces the use of paper and printer ink within your business. If you have paperwork to send out to each member of each team regarding upcoming changes in health & safety policies that need to be signed and handed back, this could cost hundreds to distribute. Using an online platform can reduce this additional spend.

So, how do I switch to e-training?

If you’re looking for an Online Induction System that can help your company switch over to e-training, we can help. Our software can save money, time and is a lot better for the environment, alongside many other features. We fully customise each and every platform with your own branding and personalised content. For more information or to set up a demo, get in touch.


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