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Read and Sign team

07 Jul Embed Read & Sign and feel the benefits

If you read our last blog post you’ll know that we work closely with our clients to understand their business, to identify the challenges they are looking to address and to put forward solutions that drive the widespread delivery of improvements and benefits across as...

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Induction and train meeting

04 Jun The ideal time to drive change

Across the globe, companies have had to find new ways of working in recent months to strike the right balance between safeguarding staff members while also maintaining daily business. Other companies have had to adapt to the global challenge by reducing numbers and pausing services as...

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Therisa the HR Manager at Keyzo

22 Apr Meet Therisa, our HR Manager

Meet Therisa, our HR Manager who has been with the Company for just over two and a half years. She’s been working from home for six weeks and thinks that having a routine and sense of humour is helping to get through the lock down....

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Meet Dan our technical author

08 Apr Meet Dan, our Technical Author

Meet Dan our Technical Author who has been with the Company almost five months.  Having spent the last three and a half weeks working from home due to the current Coronavirus situation, he’s found that sticking to his usual routine of getting up early, exercising...

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Dave Skybooks UX Designer

01 Apr Meet Dave, our UX Designer

Meet Dave, our UX Designer, who has been with the company for eighteen months. He’s halfway through his third week of working from home and says that routine and structure is vital, not only to ensure that he continues to be productive and keep...

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19 Mar COVID-19 business continuity statement

We are actively keeping abreast of the latest news relating to the Corona virus outbreak and myself and the leadership team have put measures in place to ensure business as usual across our teams. Protecting the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers is...

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Caistor Grammar jobs fair

10 Oct When we went to Caistor Grammar School jobs fair

There is currently a chasm when it comes to supply and demand of technical talent. There are more jobs available than there are developers to fill them, which is why it’s so important to attend these events and encourage the next generation of developers to continue...

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