We design and develop innovative business software solutions to streamline your operations, demonstrate compliance and improve performance.

At Keyzo we are experts in business software solutions

We offer a range of innovative bespoke and customisable products to streamline your operations.

Our team of highly skilled developers use the latest technology to build secure online software systems. Our Online Induction Software, Read&Sign Software and Staff Portal are developed to save time, reduce costs, promote a positive atmosphere throughout your workforce and maximise efficiency within your company. We can tailor our bespoke software development platforms to any industry, helping your admin staff, management and health & safety officers become more organised and efficient by having details of staff and projects all in one place.

save time


Each of our bespoke products offer the ability to cut time from your day by automating and enhancing your workflow.

online induction is cost effective


Our products have features that eliminate day-to-day tasks that can cause you long-term financial strain.

online induction is efficient


Our software can store details on every staff member across multiple sites and safety details for every project – all at the click of a button.

Read&Sign Software

Optimise visibility of your key documents, compliance, and efficiency by ensuring the information you are sending out is received, acknowledged and understood.

Using Read&Sign, all parties you communicate with are required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of all your communications through the system; a tried and tested way of promoting increased responsibility, awareness and efficiency within organisations.

Read&Sign comes with 24/7 support with comprehensive monitoring, alerting and carefully planned contingency processes.

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Online Induction Software

Keyzo’s Online Induction system is a unique platform that can provide inductions for employees, visitors and contractors before they arrive on-site. It is a bespoke, web-based system that can be customised to suit your business needs in a cost-effective way.

You can upload your current induction material, adding animation, imagery and video to help your inductees engage and enhance their learning process. Interactive questionnaires can be added to the end of each induction section so you can monitor whether information has been received and processed before allowing your new working on-site.

If you operate in a high risk industry, using our software to perform inductions is a proven way of reducing workplace accidents and incidents caused by a lack of knowledge and skills.

Online Induction is the most comprehensive training and induction software available, with hosting, installation, branding, administration training and support included.

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Staff Portal Software

Engage your employees and promote a positive atmosphere in your workplace by giving your staff a platform to communicate, access rewards, learn about promotions and help give them the motivation to perform to the best of their ability.

Accessible online through any internet-connected device, the Staff Portal includes modules for Incentives, Staff Lotteries, Questions, Ideas, Discounts, Morale, Careers and Classified Ads.

The Staff Lottery system is a popular feature within the portal which not only brings your team together but more than recovers the cost of purchasing the portal over time.

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Excellence in support

The complexity of the systems we develop means that we are fanatical about the level of customer support we offer. In order to maintain a high level of service, our Support Team are on call 24/7, supported by comprehensive monitoring, alerting and contingency processes.

read&sign humberside airport


How Humberside Airport improved their communications using Read&Sign.

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online induction cemex

Online Induction

How CEMEX streamlined their internal staff training processes with our Induction Software.

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staff portal NHS Lincolnshire goole

Staff Portal

How we helped an NHS trust engage their staff and promote positivity in their workforce.

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