Healthcare Compliance Software - Read & Sign Documents

Healthcare Compliance Software…

Healthcare compliance software that looks after your staff and patients.

healthcare staff policy distribution

Comply with regulatory bodies

Distribute policies, rotas and other important information with healthcare compliance software, tracking when information is read and understood.

Stay up to date with healthcare compliance by quickly distributing notices to departments, teams and individuals to ensure everyone had the latest information applicable to them.

Spend less time chasing signatures and acknowledgements and more time being productive.

Here are some features of our healthcare compliance software…

compliance reminders

Real Time Compliance Alerts

Send real time alerts via SMS or email to notify users of any time critical information.

data security

Healthcare Staff Login Anywhere

Users can access the portal from anywhere, allowing them to read notices on the go.

notify non responders

Software Automatic Reminders

Send users reminders that they need to read and acknowledge important information.

department distribution

Healthcare Departments

Setup custom groups and categories to quickly notify entire teams of information relevant to their group.

compliance audit

Stay on top of Compliance

Distribute notices and important policy or procedural changes to any number of users in a few clicks.

integrate with HR systems

Compatible with other HR Software

Integrate your existing HR system with Read & Sign and limit working across multiple systems.

Induct & Train 370x69

Train new healthcare staff, getting them up to speed and inducted, quickly.

healthcare software

Top Features

Our healthcare compliance software has a number of benefits for the healthcare industry.

Share Responsibility

Assign roles to users and easily manage tasks among teams.

Healthcare Staff Rotas

Distribute staff rotas and notify users in real time.

Charts and Records

Easily share medical charts and records securely.

Audit and Track

Track who’s read and acknowledged information.

Team Compliance

Ensure your workforce always has the latest information.

Compliance Analytics

Performance dashboard of all data, ideal for managers.

Document compliance for healthcare

Used by HR Departments, Health & Safety, Compliance Managers, Internal Comms, Engagement and more.

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