read&sign can be accessed anywhere, ensuring the notices that you send out are received, acknowledged and understood, with instant tracking to see who is reading what and when, at home, on-site or in the office.

Optimise visibility, compliance and efficiency

The process of updating both personnel records and informing staff members of new policies, compliance information and team communications can involve huge amounts of paper production, wasted time spent collecting signatures and the stressful job of chasing people to ensure that they have received and understood the information sent. With a business that has a number of different departments and teams, this can be an incredibly time-consuming task from day to day.


read&sign uses a visual dashboard to show how many people have read and acknowledged sent notices within a set group or time. Quickly view how many people need to be prompted or re-sent a notice to acknowledge.


With Read&Sign, recipients instantly acknowledge the receipt and their understanding of notices, which promotes increased responsibility, awareness and efficiency within the organisation. Admin and management are then shown who hasn’t acknowledged notices and are given the option to prompt recipients to respond.

There are huge benefits in using an online system to send you important notices. Here are just a few…

saves time

Saves time

Read&Sign will automatically send out reminders to employees who haven’t read their notice. It eliminates the need to constantly chase staff to sign paperwork.

Improves communication

Using Read&Sign, you can easily acknowledge different groups, job roles or the whole company at once. It’s a great way to keep your employees in the loop with company announcements and health & safety procedures.

Instant tracking

You can instantly track who has read important notices. More importantly, you can see who has NOT read and acknowledged them instantly, so there’s no need to chase each individual to sign paperwork

Instant impact

Read&Sign provides a great area to display important notices for new employees to read and acknowledge. Each individual registered to the software can automatically be signed in with the likes of active directory, so they will never miss an update.

Reduces paperwork & save money

Read&Sign removes the need for paperwork completely by sending everything electronically and cutting out the impact on the environment. If you have a large company across multiple offices and sites, this will ultimately save thousands of pounds.

Consistent Information

New starters and employees will receive a consistent induction process and be sent consistent information across the board. One notice can be sent to everyone immediately, instead of information being fed through departments manually or through word of mouth.

Web Based

Read&Sign is a completely web-based programme, meaning employees can access it anywhere, at any time by simply logging in to their profile.

Helps Compliance

Due to the immediate nature of notices sent through Read&Sign, users can learn new information about the company or new health & safety risks and procedures straight away, helping management to get a message out to all users at once.

Protect your business

If your business is at risk if important information is not acknowledged, Read&Sign ensures important messages are delivered and understood.

We find it a very useful tool that enables us to monitor our communication efficiency and check timeframes for acknowledgment.

Chris Wild

Operations Manager, Humberside Airport

Users, Categories & Groups

There’s a simple structure that will allow your management and admin team to send important information to select job roles or the entire company.

Build your organisation categories, departments, job roles, sub-groups and teams across different sites or locations to tailor notices to specific staff members.

Within each category, you can assign authors who can send out notices.

Authors have full visibility and control of the communication process – allowing them to see exactly who has read and acknowledged each message sent out.

Continually improve quality and compliance with full traceability and save management time by automating acknowledgement of business-critical information.

Authors have the ability to replace a notice if it goes out of date or needs updating. Replacing it will then send out a new notice, informing staff members of the change.

Your Notices

Your notices are important – that’s why we want you to be able to optimise efficiency by communicating using the latest technology. Read&Sign allows you to see who has acknowledged your message, no matter what it is or how many people it is sent to. Authors can decide which recipient each notice will be sent to and set schedules, deadlines and reminders. Each notice is assigned a reference number so that you can always refer back to it.

You can publish each notice immediately, or schedule it for a specific time when needed. You can also ensure notices are only valid for a number of days – say, if a specific team are working on a specific project for a week – or have them on the system permanently for staff members to refer back to. New starters will particularly benefit from this when they login and straight away can see permanent notices regarding health & safety procedures and other relevant content about the company and their new job role. Messages can be sent with attachments of any plans or forms too, meaning staff get all the information they need in one go.

Dashboard & Reporting

Within your organisation, there will be a number of different categories that your notices will be sent to, to a variety of job roles and departments. For example:

  • Job Roles
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Operator
  • Administrator
  • Departments
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Accounts
  • Production
  • Purchasing
  • Categories
  • Holiday Policies
  • Fit to Work Assessments
  • HR Documents
  • Health & Safety Notices

Keeping on top of who exactly has read each and every notice may prove difficult – which is why we have developed a dashboard that can be viewed instantly to show the stats of each notice.

Each user has a full audit trail, showing what they have been sent, downloaded and acknowledged. Admin users and authors can also see this information, alongside being able to create, edit and delete other users and set permissions for others to also author notices. From this data, reports can be put together to show which notices have been read and who needs to be re-sent the notice to ensure everyone sees the information.

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read&sign case study humberside airport

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