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Issue important information quicker

With Read & Sign you can speed up the distribution of essential information by easily creating new notices and sending company updates with just a few clicks. Attach supporting documents to provide employees with comprehensive information.

Manage and communicate updates related to policies, procedures or regulations, ensuring all relevant members of your business are up to date, tracking once employees have read them.

How do People use Read & Sign?

Personnel Documents

Employment Contracts
Leave of Absence Forms
Return to Work Forms
Staff Risk Assessments
Variation of Terms Letters

Legal & Agreements

Regulatory Updates
Policies and Procedures
Non-disclosure Agreements
Workplace Reports
Third Party Contracts

Communication & Feedback

Customer Feedback Form
Employee Surveys
Remote Worker Documents
Expense Policy Reminders
Workplace Reports

Sign Documents Online

Take your documents to the next level with digital signatures and sign documents online. Send contracts, agreements and other signed documents to internal staff or people external to your company.

You’ll know exactly when documents are signed, with copies available to immediately download. Using Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) Read & Sign is able to verify the authenticity and integrity of your signed documents.

More about Signatures

Read & Sign Digital Signatures

Effortless Distribution

Transform the way you share information within your organisation with Read & Sign, saving valuable time and resources. Our platform offers user group and category-based workflows, streamlining how you manage information and ensuring employee compliance.

Send by user group

Read & Sign makes policy distribution straightforward by enabling the creation of custom recipient groups. In just a few clicks, you can send notices directly to the individuals who need them, guaranteeing information is delivered and understood.

This targeted approach to policies and documents promotes both compliance and efficiency across your business, ensuring information reaches the right people at the right time.

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Send by category

Fast track your compliance with simple workflows to seamlessly distribute information based on categories, such as notice topic or subject.

By creating categories you can assemble groups into various configurations, based on shared characteristics, and promptly send notices to all relevant recipients in a single action.

Enhance your ability to ensure timely and accurate compliance throughout your business.

distribute documents to groups

Track staff engagement

Keep a close eye on your staff’s engagement by browsing sent notices and quickly identify which recipients have acknowledged your notice and which haven’t.

Improve response rates by setting deadlines and automated reminders for those have haven’t responded.

Stay organised an maintain compliance with Read & Sign’s tracking data.

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Test employee understanding

Verify policy understanding with Read & Sign quizzes.

Create custom quizzes and test users’ understanding before allowing them to acknowledge a notice. Aids with retention, helps identify areas for improvement and encourages active engagement.

Ensure staff have a solid grasp of your information to stay on top of compliance

More about quizzes

Read & Sign Helps our business to communicate Business Relationship Manager

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Real time alerts

Read & Sign uses real-time alerts to keep you in the loop. Users receive immediate notifications for critical updates and reminders for any outstanding notices, ensuring important information doesn’t go unnoticed.

For managers we provide alerts about non-responders, enabling them to take quick action when necessary. Keep your team well-informed and responsive.

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Notice & user data

Gain valuable insights with our comprehensive reports dashboard. Access all company data relating to notice distribution, user activity and more.

Identify poor performing groups, authors and track activity to evaluate performance. The reports dashboard allows you to make data-driven decisions on future notices and implementation.

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Real time alerts


Industry Specific

Configured to a wide range of sectors, making significant improvements to compliance.

Brand Engagement

Distribute information with branded software for increased staff engagement.

Integration Options

Combine other third-party HR systems easily manage & automate your user information.

Automated Alerts

Automated reminders & managers informed when notices have not been acknowledged on time.

Fully auditable

All documents, activity and communications are fully compliant for audit purposes.

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