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Our accessible document acknowledgement and communication monitoring system read & sign, ensures the notices you send out are received, acknowledged and understood, with instant tracking to see who is responding.

Trust read & sign to maximise engagement,
build corporate awareness, save time and create efficiencies.
It’s a solution proven in the most stringent of industries.

No matter how big your organisation or how many locations your people are spread across, communication is vital, especially where health and safety is concerned. It’s one of the biggest challenges in a modern business environment and can be a constant drain of resources if you are still reliant on face to face and word of mouth followed gathering signatures from everyone involved.

read & sign is the answer to the challenge of compliance, getting documents signed, policies acknowledged or simply sharing the latest updates, and it’s proven to make a massive difference.

More than just a document acknowledgement and distribution system read & sign is a highly-effective, single-source communication tool for streamlining the creation, distribution, tracking, and acknowledgement of information and company messaging.

Read&Sign - single-source messaging, tracking and acknowledgement tool


read & sign Makes Vital Information Accessible

With read & sign document turnaround software, your people can manage and access the information they need at the touch of a button, wherever they are.

read & sign is a cloud-based web portal tailored to each customer, making it highly secure, highly reliable and most of all, highly accessible for system managers and users, who check, read and acknowledge the information.

read & sign is the modern answer to a historic challenge for companies, allowing information to be sent out, tracked, read and acknowledged on the move. Removing the need to wait for time back in the ‘office’, removing any doubt of who has had the information and most importantly of all, totally removing the need for outdated, paper-based processes!

Read&Sign - Mobile Responsive Interface
Read&Sign User group and Categories management


Users, Groups & Categories

Don’t tell our rivals about this bit – it’s the secret sauce to our recipe!

We know how hard it is to ensure the right information gets to the right people at the right time. Most importantly, we know how hard it is to ensure it doesn’t get lost in the mix of every other email or briefing.

Our Users, Group and Categories help businesses create a structure that will smash these problems straight out of the park. Each user can be allocated to a relevant group (or team) to make sure they get the categories of information of most relevance and importance to their jobs – awesome, we know!

Once configured, this structure enables notice creation for system admins and information managers at the touch of a button. This is just one of the ways in which read & sign generates such significant savings throughout the year.


Save Time & Share the Load

We’ve just touched on one of the major time saving factors in read & sign so let’s jump straight into another.

One of the single biggest challenges for Health & Safety teams, HR teams, managers and supervisors is keeping everyone up to speed with important updates and capturing the evidence.

Managing the systems and processes to make this happen can turn into a full-time effort. This effort can often feel like a thankless task. The information is sent directly to busy people with an expectation that they will act on it with a sense of urgency, whilst your notice sits at the bottom of an ever growing pile…

In reality, it should require minimal effort for maximum reward.

This is why read & sign features multiple role profiles which help to share the load when managing real time information sharing across a company.

When combined with read&sign’s privilege-based access, your managers and supervisors can track all active information relevant to their people and ensure it gets read and acknowledged as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This functionality alone helps to share the load and will ensure information is picked up by your teams much faster.

Read&Sign features multiple role profiles
Read&Sign supports email alerts and SMS notifications


Real Time Alerting

When information is published, it is made available to all who need it within minutes thanks to the active alerting across read & sign. Alerting can be configured in multiple ways to ensure notifications of vital updates don’t get missed.

You can choose from email alerts and SMS notifications straight out of the box with additional options being available via our integration options with third party systems – for example site access systems.

This flexible approach helps us to configure your alerts to ensure they have maximum impact across all users.


Performance Monitoring

Word of mouth, paper-based signatures or saving email acknowledgements are simply not enough to demonstrate compliance anymore. One is far too easy to dispute, the other far too easy to lose, and don’t even get us started on email acknowledgements…

When it comes to tracking your vital updates, policies, bulletins or even contracts, you can have total trust and confidence in read & sign – we’ve got your back here!

Each read & sign user has their own unique username and login, their own identity in the system. This helps us to capture time, date and who has acknowledged all information across the system.

Our highly intuitive and configurable performance dashboards help you to track the progress of real time information across all groups in your system. This provides you with detailed high-level insights, helping you and your management teams ensure information is on track.

If you want to get into the detail, at the touch of a button you can drill down to user level information to see who has yet to acknowledge and even drop them a little reminder to do so.

Our performance dashboards will help you ensure your information is performing and will also help you generate the detailed insights you need to find further improvements and gains in the future.

Read & Sign
Read&Sign features automated reminders


No Acknowledgement? No Problem!

So, you’re not using read & sign yet? This means you most likely spend far too much time figuring out who has responded and who hasn’t so that you can send a reminder and let their boss know so they can chase as well.

Seem’s like a big waste of energy to us. This is why read & sign has a built-in automated reminder that is generated automatically when notices are created.

Quite simply, when a notice doesn’t get acknowledged after a period of time, those who have yet to do so get a notification to sort it out and the system admin along with their manager or supervisor are also informed.

With read & sign, doing nothing is simply not an option.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

If you’re still reading at this point, we’ve clearly given you something to think about. You’re starting to picture the improvements you will achieve with our solution. You’re probably also wondering what is involved in rolling out a system like
read & sign across your company and how much push back you’ll get from IT in the process.

Let’s keep this really simple. You don’t need to do a thing. As much as we welcome input from IT teams, in reality they need not lift a finger when it comes to implementing read & sign.

Think back to the start of this page, we told you that read & sign a cloud-based web portal. This means we build and configure it for you based on your requirements, train you to use in and then turn it over to you.

All you need to do is then login via any modern web browser – simple.

Read&Sign is a cloud based web portal
Read&Sign - catering for your industry


We Cater For Your Industry

read & sign is flexible, intelligent and highly intuitive. It’s a solution that can be configured to each company for maximum impact and efficiency. Above all, it’s already proven across a wide range of industries including aviation, renewables, motor, energy, chemical and construction, to name but a few.

This mix of flexibility and easy deployment allows us to provide a solution for any sector and be confident read & sign will make a major difference and deliver significant improvements.

Don’t confuse us with providers of what can seem like similar technology. We specialise in what we do and can take our product way further than others as we work with you to extract every possible benefit and saving from this area of your business.


Create Connected Systems

We have extensive experience working with companies across some of the most regulated industries and sectors around the world. We excel in creating integrated platforms.

read & sign can be integrated with third party platforms in a number of ways. To reduce workloads, share information and perhaps most importantly, increase the ways in which alerts can be delivered to your people when new information is available or they have tasks to complete.

A great example of this is integrating with an HR platform or Active Directory to greatly reduce the work required managing user access to read & sign. We know how hard this is and how much time can be wasted checking across multiple systems, ensuring the user list is up to date. This isn’t something you need to do.

Best of all, our list of integrated products is always growing so if you have any ideas about how integration could help you, just ask…

Read&Sign - Create Connected Systems
read&sign case study humberside airport
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read&sign case study humberside airport

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