Developing outstanding software that drives your business forward

At Keyzo we design and develop innovative software solutions to help streamline your business operations, demonstrate compliance, improve team performance and become more efficient..

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keyzo software features

At Keyzo we are experts in business software solutions

We offer a range of innovative software products using the latest technologies to build our secure software products. Our fully customisable and web-based ‘Online Induction’, ‘Read&Sign’ and ‘Staff Portal’ solutions are developed to save time, reduce costs, promote a positive atmosphere throughout your workforce and to streamline your operations.

We tailor and rebrand all our products for any industry, helping your management, administration, human resources, health & safety officers and the employees they manage to become more organised and efficient by having access to critical information all in one place.

Saves Time

All our software products offer the ability to cut time from your day by automating and enhancing your workflow.

cost effective

Saves Money

Our software products contain features that eliminate day-to-day tasks that can cause you long-term financial strain.

is efficient

Become more efficient

Our software products can store information on every employee across multiple locations and projects, easily accessible on multiple devices.

Online Induction

Our online induction software is a unique platform that provides inductions for employees, visitors and contractors before they arrive on-site. It is a highly accessible, web-based system that can be customised to suit your business needs.

We can upload your current induction material or help to design and develop more engaging documents, including animation, imagery and video to create an enhanced learning process for your inductees. Interactive questionnaires can be added to the end of each section to allow monitoring of information before allowing new workers on-site.

If you operate in a high-risk industry, using our software to perform inductions is a proven way of reducing workplace accidents and incidents caused by a lack of knowledge and skills.

Our award-winning online induction software is the most comprehensive training and induction solution available, with hosting, installation, branding, administration training and support included.

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Optimise visibility of your key documents, compliance, and efficiency by ensuring the information you are sending out is received, acknowledged and understood.

When using ‘Read&Sign’, all parties you communicate with are required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of  your communications throughout the system; a tried and tested way of promoting increased responsibility, awareness and efficiency within organisations.

‘Read&Sign’ comes with 24/7 support with comprehensive monitoring, alerting and carefully planned contingency processes.

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Staff Portal Software

Engaging with your employees promotes a positive atmosphere in your workplace by giving them a platform to communicate, access rewards and learn more about career progression. The system helps to provide motivation to employees to perform to the best of their ability.

Accessible online through any internet-connected device, the Staff Portal includes modules for Incentives, Staff Lotteries, Questions, Ideas, Discounts, Morale, Careers and Classified Ads.

The staff lottery system is a popular feature within the portal. It not only brings your team together but more than recovers the cost of purchasing the portal over time.

The staff portal is the most comprehensive training and induction solution available, with hosting, installation, and integration, branding, administration training and support included.

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Who do we work with?

We always go above and beyond our customers’ expectations and ensure our approachable team understands exactly what they want to achieve. Our customers have confidence that our software integrations are expertly project managed, delivered and monitored at every stage, and that we offer a high quality and seamless delivery process.

Humberside Airport
NHS Google

Excellence in support

The complexity of the systems we develop means that we are fanatical about the level of customer support we offer. To maintain a high level of service, our Support Team are on call 24/7, supported by comprehensive monitoring, alerting and contingency processes.



How Humberside Airport improved their communications using Read&Sign.

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Online Induction

How CEMEX streamlined their internal staff training processes with our Induction Software.

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Staff Portal

How we helped an NHS trust engage their staff and promote positivity in their workforce.

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