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Auditable information all in one place

Online induction training makes it very easy to induct contractors and new starters before they arrive at work. Whilst our compliance software allows HR departments to manage the acknowledgement of their policies and documents. Improve efficiency by accessing fully auditable information, all in one place.

Our online platform has been expertly designed, so any business can simplify their staff inductions, training and policy compliance process.


Increase efficiency

Reduce administration and HR tasks by automating and combining your manual training processes into one fully auditable platform.


Improve visibility

Track acknowledgement by distributing policies, documents and notices via an online communication platform, bespoke to your organisation.

increase hr efficiency

Enhance compliance

Securely store and share personnel data from multiple site locations and improve health & safety awareness across the business.

Induct & Train

Our award-winning online employee induction and training software is health and safety software at its best. A unique platform that can provide staff inductions and training for new employees, visitors and contractors even before they arrive on-site.

Health & Safety inductions

A highly accessible digital HSE training solution, that promotes a safety culture. Our web-based staff system can be configured to suit your business needs with hosting, installation, branding, administration training and support included from the start.


Features include:

  • Personnel Management
  • Induction Profiles
  • Interactive Assessments
  • Progress Tracking
  • Visitor Inductions
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Training Courses
  • Multi Site Management

Success Story

How E.ON Energy improves their carbon footprint using our online induction process

In the energy and renewables industry, efficiency is key with the growing urgency to improve everyone’s carbon footprint. Although, many energy companies are still using outdated induction and training processes and manual time-consuming tasks that could be automated…

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online induction process for E.ON Energy
Read-and-Sign-mobile hp image

Read & Sign

Optimise the visibility of documentation, compliance alerts and notices with our unique workforce HR software solutions for business communications. Ensure the information you send out is received, acknowledged and understood.

Document acknowledgement

Cutting edge software for HR teams, all staff you communicate with are required to acknowledge receipt and demonstrate an understanding of your communications; a tried and tested way of promoting responsibility, awareness and efficiency in the workplace.

Features include:

  • Document Distribution
  • Notice Acknowledgements
  • Recipient Management
  • Auditing & Compliance
  • Automated Reminders
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Integrated HR Systems
  • Multiple Role Profiles

Success Story

dnata are keeping employees up-to-date and compliant using Read & Sign

Leading global air and travel services provider dnata needed an effective policy distribution and communication platform. Providing their HR department with the ability to easily share their process changes, updated notices and health & safety requirements to thousands of employees, in specific departments across the company.…

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dnata use Read & Sign policy distribution software from Keyzo IT Solutions

We always go above and beyond our customers expectations, ensuring we understand exactly what they want to achieve from their induction training or compliance software.

Our customers have confidence that our software integrations; HR technology and digital HSE tools, are expertly project managed, delivered and monitored at every stage. We offer a high quality and seamless delivery process with all of our digital platforms and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer support.

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