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About Keyzo

About Keyzo

Award winning, innovative management and personnel software solutions

Who are Keyzo?

Keyzo was founded in 2009 by Shane Spencer, providing a unique approach to software development for businesses across many different sectors and offer a range of innovative software products using the latest technologies.

Our fully customisable and web-based solutions are developed to save time, reduce costs, promote a positive atmosphere throughout your workforce and to streamline your operations by having access to critical information all in one place.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team provide professional design and technology services to help businesses improve their image profile, online presence and software systems. We deliver the highest levels of service without compromising on creativity or results, and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer support and extremely high quality standards.

Our client’s success, is our success..

We go above and beyond our client’s expectations and help where we can to make them succeed through great design and intuitive software; this in turn, brings in repeat business and huge ‘word of mouth’ referrals as our clients feel confident that working with Keyzo brings results.

We carefully hand pick each and every employee. They are not just experts within their skilled role, but are highly passionate about their work, eager to learn and keep up to date with the latest technologies. We are here to encourage and support this to continue growth for them, our clients and our business. Our employees thoroughly enjoy working with us and producing outstanding quality work.

We are a transparent, honest, no hidden fees, no nonsense company, with complete respect for our clients. Our business ethos is based on building strong long term relationships with our customers and helping them to grow their business.

Building effective partnerships.

Doncaster Chamber

Inspiring success in business

The Chamber is an award winning independent membership organisation that has supported and represented Doncaster’s private sector for the last seventy years; it is their primary objective to help business prosper and succeed.

Hull Chamber

Growing your business, building our economy

The Hull Chamber was formed in 1837 and is one of the UK’s oldest Chambers of Commerce, but its core objectives remain the same – to help strengthen the local economy by supporting members in their business endeavours.

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