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About Keyzo

There’s entrepreneurial spirit embedded in our proud history and our exciting future…

Our roots run deep

Keyzo was founded in 2009 by Shane Spencer, providing a unique approach to software development for businesses across many different sectors. In the early days we developed bespoke solutions for companies in a few different industries which were carefully designed to meet very specific requirements. We managed these solutions alongside the highly creative and successful media agency side of our business.

Fast forward to now, we no longer operate a media agency but have retained our focus on creativity and the very same solutions we started with have since evolved and have been developed into the suite of functionality available today, all wrapped up nicely in the versatile, web-based software products we provide to an international client base.

Why we do what we do best

We have always believed in making next generation software solutions a reality for the pioneering business of today. We love working with organisations looking to progress; looking to increase profitability, maximise productivity, and future-proof themselves.

We enable companies to boost efficiency and automate a range of processes with our innovative software solutions; each is designed to minimise wasted time, streamline cumbersome operations, demonstrate compliance and provide insight and awareness with critical information readily accessible all in one place. We achieve this alongside meeting other requirements through configuration and forward-thinking development. It’s all about improving efficiency.

It’s the way we work and the way we think that sets us apart…

A mindset unlike others

As a solutions provider, we strive to light the way. When you look at the speed at which technology evolves, you’ll also see Keyzo leading the way and evolving inline with the industry. We believe software such as ours should forever progress and that’s why our awareness of cutting-edge breakthroughs in the latest technology feeds into our development roadmap; to maintain our position as an exciting, disruptive solutions provider.

We believe in transparency and building a partnership with our valued customers, all based on trust and giving you peace of mind that you’re in good hands and on the best path to progress. After all, we understand that it’s firmly in our best interests to look out for our customers’ best interests.

We always ask for input from the businesses we work with and we welcome feedback at every opportunity. This enables us to further align our solutions with the varying and ever-changing requirements of multiple industries.

What it’s like to work with us

Keyzo adopts a flexible approach with all organisations to truly understand their existing operations and processes. The key is in developing this understanding, which determines how we can guarantee that our web-based software solutions will achieve their desired outcome, every time we deploy a solution into an organisation.

An accurate understanding around requirements is the foundation of every software project we undertake, and our dynamic, passionate team relishes solving the unique challenges each organisation brings to us. Throw in our flexibility, the highest levels of service, the versatility of our solutions and the innovation we instil into every project and we create a recipe for success, every time.

At no point do we expect a customer to have to change their processes in order to make our solutions fit their business. Rather, we act to make our solutions fit the unique needs of the business without taking our eye off the goals of the project.

It’s not just about the value we provide, it’s also about the values we live by…

Our ethos

We build effective partnerships with our customers, for the long term… This is our ethos.

Our philosophy

We help our customers improve and grow their business using our solutions. Our success is in your success… This is our guiding principle; our philosophy.

Our people

We carefully hand pick each and every employee. They are not just experts within their skilled role, but are highly passionate about their work, eager to learn and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies. We are here to encourage and support this to continue growth for them, our clients and our business. Our employees thoroughly enjoy working with us and producing outstanding quality work.

Every one of us at Keyzo lives by our internal values, which feed directly into our ethos and our philosophy…

We are United
We are Professional
We are Aspirational
We are Innovative
We are Driven

We aim to exceed expectation and create innovative digital products that make information more accessible and useful, enabling people to achieve more.

And now that you know what we’re all about…

Why choose Keyzo?

It’s a matter of fact that everyone wants to work with the best people; those who are receptive, who are professional, who are passionate and who actively engage to solve the problems at hand.

If you want to work with Keyzo, you can find out more about our solutions below. If you identify a requirement for any of our solutions and want to evolve your business processes please get in touch…

read&sign link

Our document acknowledgement software and communication monitoring system can be accessed anywhere to ensure the notices, procedures or policy updates you send out are received, acknowledged and understood.

induct&train link

Keyzo’s online induction solution will dramatically boost the efficiency of your induction process and keep your workforce, contractors and drivers safe, compliant and engaged when working in high risk situations or hazardous sites.