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Take your learning out of the classroom with induct&train

induct&train is the perfect induction software solution for HSE specialists, learning & development teams, contractor management and HR departments.

Ensure your entire workforce, from employees to contractors and new starters, have access to your induction software and critical training materials at any time. Our intuitive web portal is the perfect host for inductions and staff training, enabling a broad range of eLearning on any device.

induct&train takes the strain out of content management. Presentation and video files can be uploaded to the induction software with ease at the touch of a button. Content can be turned into a standalone module or added to an existing training package before being automatically made available to all who require it. Unlike other learning management systems (LMS) or staff development hubs, the seamless integration, automation, full customisation and powerful reporting of induct&train helps you track the entire learning process at the touch of a button.

In short, it’s the eLearning hub that no business should be without.

Simplicity is the key to success

induct&train has been developed continuously over a number of years with constant input from our customers and the industries we support. Each evolution takes the online induction software one step further from other options on the market thanks to our ‘problem centred’ approach to development.

induct&train is highly intuitive and user-friendly throughout and features a range of intelligent automation options to help maximise efficiencies, reduce workloads and increase productivity across inductions and learning.

This is why induct&train is proven to make such a big difference to companies around the world.

induct and train automated inductions

Flexible induction software with full customisation

Unlike many ‘off the shelf’ learning platforms, induct&train can be fully configured and tailored to meet the most stringent company needs. induct&train takes staff training to the next level, maximising process efficiencies and achieving full compliance where required. Modular by design, our induction software allows businesses to select from any of the options below to create a powerful and cost-effective package:

induct and train is modular


Choose from an existing package or select modules to create your own

white label - add your our branding


Apply your own company branding

integration with 3rd party systems and software


Integrate simply with third-party systems and software

custom dashboard


Create tailored reporting dashboard – track learning progress in real time!

Virtual induction cards for added security


Take advantage of Virtual Induction Cards for added security

improved visitor management & tracking


Visitor module provides improved visitor management & tracking

supplied fully set up with full training included


Supplied fully set up to meet your needs with full training included

Keyzo were able to build us a fully integrated tailored solution which has helped us to move our induction process onlineinduct&train sits at the centre of our business now and will certainly help us stay ahead of the competition as we continue to grow…

Sean Twomey

Training & Compliance Manager, Formula One Autocentres Ltd

automated content management

Powerful automated content management

Whether you are delivering inductions and training for one site or across multiple locations around the world, induct&train greatly reduces the amount of input required. Our induction software has user friendly dashboards that provide flexibility and allow content to be uploaded directly in different formats and via intelligent induction distribution that is specific to each user.

Once your learning content is created, it can be uploaded quickly and used as the basis for an induction module or training session. Content owners are then able to select from a number of quiz formats to ensure key information is delivered to those who need it in a highly interactive format.

Powerful automated content management
Induct & Train can be integrated with HR systems, contractor management platforms, site access and Active Directory
Induct & Train can be integrated with HR systems, contractor management platforms, site access and Active Directory

Take the hassle out of user management

induct&train can be integrated with HR systems, contractor management platforms, site access and Active Directory in order to remove the ongoing challenge that comes with trying to keep user information updated across multiple systems.

When the master records are updated, induct&train simply synchronises accordingly to maintain up to date user records without the need for constant double keying of records between systems.

Inactive or infrequent users can also be auto archived which retains all user records and helps to ensure that user licences are used by employees and those who are working with the company on a regular basis.

Create connected systems

Create connected systems

As a company, we specialise in creating seamless, connected solutions that help maximise efficiency and minimise workloads.

Our ability to integrate our online induction software with third party platforms is the key to this. We can open up a wide range of additional functionality including user and contractor management, site user mapping, time recording, document management and even site access systems to aid automated alerts for users as they swipe in or out each day. The days of purely stand-alone platforms is gone. We work with you to integrate induct&train with your other core systems to create seamless workflows.

we specialise in creating seamless connected solutions that help maximise efficiency and minimise workloads.
induct&train improves efficiency and streamlines visitor management processes
induct&train streamlines processes and improves efficiency

Don’t forget about your visitors

Lots of companies still have separate site induction systems, training platforms and visitor inductions as well. In too many cases they all work independently, are managed by different teams and involve very different processes.

induct&train helps bring all of these requirements together in one system helping to streamline processes and improve consistency while also driving down workloads and improving efficiency.

global user management

Induction software for multiple locations

Delivering an active learning programme across multiple sites, locations and continents can be a big challenge for any company.

induct&train tackles this challenge head on through a unique user interface that automates the management and distribution of induction and training content based on two key factors – the role of the inductee and the location they are working from.

automated management and distribution of induction and training content
the induct&train dashboard includes detailed reports, insights and training records
induct&train provides real time, detailed insights

Detailed real time insights

Having access to detailed reports, insights and training records are vital to any business. induct&train allows companies to determine what is most important to them and build their insights accordingly.

It all starts with training and competency records for inductees and employees and ends with detailed real time reports and insights that help deliver clear concise information for every stage of the process via a highly intuitive reporting dashboard.

You determine what you need to capture, track, record and report – induct&train does the rest for you.

Automated reminders

Automated reminders

Remove the need to create ongoing reminders across various platforms and rely on induct&train to tell application users and administrators when tasks are due, renewals are coming up or information is out of date.

Auto reminders can be created to cover a number of requirements which help to ensure important tasks are completed, information is updated and training is delivered.

Automated reminders

Don’t take our word for it…

We know how effective induct&train is across a multitude of industries, scenarios and requirements but you don’t need to take our word for it. Take a look at our case studies or even better, let us put you together with our customers who will gladly tell you how effective induct&train has been for them.

Case Study

How Cemex improved their induction processes using induct&train

As industry leaders in the building materials sector, Cemex consider compliance vital to their operations as a company. They need to know that employees are qualified to be on-site and our software helped to achieve this…

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