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Online Induction Software for CEMEX UK

How CEMEX streamlined their internal staff training processes with Keyzo’s Online Induction Software

In the building materials industry, on-site health and safety is an extremely important issue. As industry leaders, CEMEX UK have to demonstrate the utmost effort to show compliance with health and safety practices through keeping their employees up to date and fully qualified for their roles.

Now that CEMEX have introduced our Online Induction Software the process of training and inducting contractors is much more streamlined;

Cemex can now create specific induction courses, using text, imagery and video content before assessing inductees’ knowledge on a range of questions before passing them to work on site or requiring them to take the induction course again.

This process ensures that all staff working on the many CEMEX sites across the UK are fully qualified to perform in their roles and do so with an informed knowledge of health and safety requirements. Another benefit to this is that all of CEMEX’s induction courses are now consistent, whereas before certain variables i.e. different inductor/trainer skill levels or enthusiasm could affect results.

” The health and safety of contractors working on our sites is paramount. It is vital that we fully understand their competency and make them aware of any risks before they commence work on-site. Keyzo’s individual contractor management system has enabled us to do this quickly and accurately across multiple sites. The whole process of checking their competency and getting them inducted to site has been stream lined without any loss of quality – in fact there has been in a step increase in quality with both our employees and individual contractors commenting on how much better the new system is. Keyzo’s support and dedication to the project has been fantastic since I first made contact with them. I am already working on future developments and other systems with them.”

Stephen Lankfer, CEMEX UK CDM Manager

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Award Winning Online Induction Software

Watch the short video from the recent MPA Awards submission to find out how CEMEX are using our system:

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Unique Photo ID and Card Printer

When you have so many contractors and visitors coming to CEMEX sites throughout the UK, you need an efficient process for signing in and inducting individuals before setting them to work.

To help CEMEX achieve this we integrated unique Photo ID generation functionality so that every user profile within the CEMEX system has a unique bar code which is displayed on their unique Photo ID. They can then print these using our ID Card Printer and scan the bar code every time they need to sign-in or out of CEMEX UK sites. Furthermore, if anyone signs into a location that they do not have the required permissions to be in, this will automatically inform the appropriate people of the issue so that they can amend the situation.

Competency Profile Record

Each individual contractor has a competency profile record, storing important information including general personal details, experience and performance indicators such as positive supervisor feedback and a yellow/red card system CEMEX use to indicate when a worker has behaved irresponsibly or worse.

The competency profile record is a quick but effective way for the system to flag whether a contractor is competent to work on a particular site as soon as they sign-in. However if they have a poor disciplinary record they will not be allowed in until a supervisor has been informed to make a decision.

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Biometrics Fingerprint Scanner

Just to make the induction process even slicker, some CEMEX UK sites are currently using our Biometrics Fingerprint Scanning system. This means that once staff have completed their inductions, all they have to do is confirm their understanding with legally binding fingerprint authentication; this is just as viable as a digital signature and helps just that bit more to speed up the process.


For a large organisation like CEMEX employing a diverse range of staff from different nationalities and cultures, it was important to consider a multi-lingual system for our online induction software.

Now, contractors can complete their inductions in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish and Portuguese. This multi-language functionality is also especially important as we have just expanded our Online Induction Software into various sites across CEMEX Germany.

Final verdict of our Online Induction Software?

Site Access and Egress Control

Implementing our Online Induction Software has given CEMEX confidence that access to their sites is only given to competent contractors. The web based multi-point access system allows all sites to view the same contractor information. Cutting down on time spent verifying contractor competency and increasing continuity between sites. Photograph ID and barcode scanning further ensures security and safety at CEMEX sites.

Individual contractor inductions

Using our Online Induction Software has increased CEMEX’s efficient delivery of their induction process. There has been a significant reduction in time spent delivering an Induction. This has enabled CEMEX personnel to concentrate on other important tasks such as reviewing risk assessments and method statements or completing permits to control the work. The feedback CEMEX has received has been extremely positive with inductees confirming that the process is much clearer, more concise and makes them focus.

Individual contractor competency management

Ensuring ongoing competency has been integral to the implementation of the system, all qualifications and licences are uploaded to a contractors profile, and easily accessed across varying sites, ensuring up to date information is contained at all times. The system also monitors CEMEX’s own disciplinary notices and ensures that if a contractor is ‘red carded’ at one site it then applies across the board.

Permit to work and isolation tracking

Our Online Induction Software, allows managers to track contractors around the site, ensure correct permit to works are issued and that isolations are recorded in a central log. The system also makes a roll call easy should there be any fire or emergency issues. Reports are easily configured to CEMEX’s needs to assist and benefit in the audit and safety standards.

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