Online Induction Features

Online Induction Features

We have adapted and included a variety of features in our innovative Online Induction System to aid both the inductee and administrator roles. Our features include multiple profiles for different types of inductions, advanced administration functionality for access control and even ID systems, making it completely personalised to your business. Having an in-house development team allows us to offer you flexibility, adding additional functionality to your bespoke system or removing aspects that are not relevant to you.

Workflow in the online induction process

As the inductee enters the online system for the first time they have a secure area to complete their profile and submit details. Our comprehensive software has a user-friendly design to easily explain the fields that require completion, highlighting the information needed before continuing to the induction training, creating a complete new employee induction checklist. Different roles within the company can have specific induction content setups, defined by what you set as relevant for that user.

At the end of modules within the induction process or at the end of the full training, you can set assessment options to evaluate what the user have learnt. These assessments can be automatically marked to save you time checking the validity of each induction. We can also set this up so assessments have to be passed on the first attempt or over multiple attempts before the inductee needs to consult a manager for further guidance on the process.

Administrators are given the ability to track inductions in real-time, along with in-depth reporting in order to monitor the progress of the training sessions. This gives you the ability to see how well inductees are understanding the training and average pass rates for different modules, offering a clear view of performance and making it the perfect induction plan for new employees.

Managers or supervisors can be set up to view only the staff they are in charge of, who has undertaken the training and their pass rates.

Powerful administration features

A full competency profile is recorded for each inductee and stored within an easily searchable database of all staff and contractor records. This gives you the ability to instantly locate people with certain skills for a task, or look through historic records for how many attempts it took certain employees to pass a module.

We provide the ability to pre-load the induction modules with any rich text media, textual content, images, animations or videos, helping to deliver a rapid induction process for all employees. Take a look at our Content page for further details on this.

Set up different induction profiles that automatically select pre-determined induction modules, so the user will have a unique induction depending on their role which is relevant to their skills or tasks. Induction profiles can be:

Employee Induction

Contractor Induction

Visitor Induction

Delivery Driver Induction

Chemical or Hazardous Induction

Automatically email the inductee their login details so they can complete their profile and/or induction off-site if required.

Multiple reports are available for a variety of purposes. For example, you can instantly see who is on-site at any given time if employees/contractors are required to scan their ID badge as they enter or leave the site. Dashboard system alerts can provide other useful details such as:

Inductees due for renewal: you can select a predefined time, such as: 1 year, 3 years

Ability to send reminders for inductions that have been generated but not completed after a 2 week period

Any inductees that have failed to pass the induction

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Calendar functionality

The calendar functionality within the online induction portal is a useful tool for managing appointments, meetings and group training sessions with inductees. This gives you the ability to book people onto relevant events or for them to book on themselves, giving a set number of spaces based on availability for that event.

The calendar can be linked into the induction form so if an inductee mentions they have not completed a mandatory training session, such as a fitness for work assessment, the calendar can show the availability for this training event and book the person on. Email notifications are then sent to the inductee and a specified administration account to inform of the booking.

We have focused on administrators to make adding events for future training as quick and easy as possible. If you have three or four dates for a training session, you do not need to create new entries. Simply add each date into the software and an event will become available for the multiple dates specified. As the training session approaches you can easily view and print a list of attendees as a register for that event.


View online induction user profiles

Advanced Features

Integrates with Access Control Systems

Integration into other systems within your organisation

Multi-company, multi-site functionality

Multi-language translations

Photo ID - manually upload photo or instantly capture from a web cam

Biometrics finger print scanning for digital signature and authentication

Unique bar code generation per user

Ability to print Photo ID badges on an ID card printer along with the unique bar code for easier record retrieval at a later date

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Reduces the number of accidents by unapproved workers or external contractors


No need for face-to-face inductions, can be accessed online or on-site


That your employees, contractors and visitors know the relevant information before they enter the site


Can be accessed via the internet or installed on a secure internal network


We tailor the look and feel to match your corporate branding and add personalised features, because every company operates in different ways

Providing excellence in support

Due to the level of time and attention we have put into our system we want to guarantee you are able to use it to its full potential for your business. Our online induction software will be effective from the word go, but we still strive to offer a very high level of support once implemented.

In order to maintain our high level of service our Support Team are available on call 24 x 7 along with comprehensive monitoring, alerting and contingency processes as standard.

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