Online Induction Content

Online Induction Content

Your online induction training needs to be engaging and inspire your new starters to adapt to your work processes and heed your key messages. A good induction process and customised induction programme can increase morale in staff and reduce the number of incidents on site. We recognise there are many different learning styles and we are flexible with content design so that we enhance the induction experience for everyone using our unique workplace induction system. This could be through text content, videos, animation or interactive elements, all available in multiple languages and designed to keep users engaged with the content of the induction program.

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Create different types of content for online induction

Content Design

Our design team work closely with you right from the start of the project to offer advice on the best layout for your content. We can even work with you to create this content and provide the most effective construction possible to cater for a variety of learning styles. We generally split the creation process down into three levels, however we will conduct an initial meeting to fully discuss and understand your requirements to adapt to any industry – be it construction, airline, education or healthcare.

Content - taking your initial ideas and adapting your content to be written in an engaging manner with design aspects that allows your content to naturally flow.

Design and animation - using the content from the first stage of the creation process our designers will look to add animation where possible. This could be within images, buttons and content to make your induction program and learning software more interactive.

Video and voiceover - taking your content to the next stage by adding videos to break up large sections of content and present information in a different style. Videos can be a good way to show examples of certain scenarios on your site. Voiceovers can be added instead of large sections of content to keep users engaged. They are also a good way to demonstrate examples when explaining something specific within the new employee induction checklist.

Create different types of content for online induction
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Content Flow

We provide the ability to setup different content modules for different job roles so users are not required to read through information that’s not relevant to them. Our software provides an easy solution for your administration team to setup only relevant content for different employees or contractors, including both on-site and offsite workers. Multilingual content is also an option, meaning that your business can use our software to provide a versatile induction solution and guarantee full compliance across the whole workforce regardless of an employee’s ability to understand English.

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So how do you know what your new starter has learnt?

It can be difficult to understand what information your new starters have taken in and how well they are prepared for the work environment, an issue which is consistent across classroom learning or online training. With our online learning software, we have factored user understanding into our software and we provide options to counteract confusion and ambiguity. Available options include having assessments throughout induction modules or adding a quiz at the end of the training to enable you to test what users have learnt to really get the most from the online training software.

We can enable a pass or fail situation where the user is given a set number of attempts to answer questions correctly before they are failed and have to discuss the training with a manager before progressing. Alternatively, we can give the user an endless amount of attempts until questions are answered correctly. This allows your business to regulate inductions as strictly as necessary in order to ensure compliance.

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