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Our staff portal intranet system is an effective way to engage your employees and drive a positive culture. Our HR portal software is packed with innovative modules to cater for any requirements.

“My workplace suffers from low morale”

“I think my workforce is disconnected and disengaged”

“My company culture could be better”

“My colleagues have switched off to our intranet solution”

If you’re feeling the impact of a disengaged workforce then you are likely witnessing high staff turnaround, departments performing in silos, a lack of camaraderie or poor internal communications. These are some of the reasons we developed our staffportal solution…


Generate positivity within your organisation and create a culture of interaction and engagement through our innovative digital employee portal.

Unlike any other company ‘staff zones’, our employee portal software aims to bring all the key elements a modern workforce expects together into a single, company-wide, interactive solution.

Specifically designed to be accessible only by your workforce, this intranet software is only a click away on any internet enabled device – so whether it’s a work computer at lunch, or a smartphone on the way home, your staff can enjoy all the incentives and benefits this comprehensive staff portal has to offer, to help keep them motivated and perform to the best of their ability.

As an adapted version of our staffportal solution, we have created a ‘megaportal’ which is the perfect vehicle to connect all of our software solutions together. With our megaportal you can have all of the benefits of our staffportal, along with our induct&train software and our read&sign solution, all working together in harmony, all in one place.

staffportal benefits


A highly engaging, branded workforce engagement tool
Increase your retention and morale
A great way to encourage feedback and interaction
A variety of innovative modules to choose from
A simple admin area so you can update your content
Break communication barriers across your workforce

Through digital transformation promote business change where it matters most, your employees…

Your Voice

Would your workforce appreciate an easy way to make themselves heard within your organisation?

Your Voice is an excellent way to motivate your staff through our digital employee portal. This module provides you with a steady supply of innovative improvement ideas, direct from the people within your business.

This is a dedicated zone for staff to offer suggestions based on their role and their expertise and it can provide valuable feedback for management. Each suggestion can be up-voted or down-voted anonymously by colleagues to highlight which ideas have the most traction with your workforce and which would therefore provide the biggest benefits to a particular area of your organisation.

Booking System

How much time could you save with a dedicated meeting room, or vehicle booking system?

This office intranet booking module can be used for booking out company vehicles or for booking meeting rooms within your office(s). You can make bookings anytime, anywhere and with fully visible availability at the moment you are making your booking.

Whether your meeting or off-site travel is planned or impromptu, our innovative booking solution saves you an abundance of administration time in managing your meeting rooms and travel, and it’s very easy to use.

Document Library

Could you improve your efficiency and your compliance by storing all of your important documents in one central area?

Keep all of your organisation’s important policies and documents in one place, where all staff can quickly access what they need. The document library in our staffportal system is the perfect place to keep all of your vital documents, where anyone can access what they need at any point they need it.

You can keep your most up-to-date policies and documents in the library, from any department, so whoever needs information knows that it’s always the most recent version. We can integrate staffportal with our read&sign solution as well, to guarantee that documents are being acknowledged by the people who need to know!

Document Library

Additional modules available in our business web portal

your stuff

Your Stuff

A safe internal marketplace for your staff to advertise their unwanted items and sell them online to their colleagues, with no risk or liability to you.

360 management profile

360º Management Profile

Survey your managers and their teams to gain a true reflection of their strengths and areas for improvement from both perspectives, with full reporting.

morale barometer

Morale Barometer

Designed to give HR departments and management a clear picture of the job satisfaction of employees, right across your organisation.

staff incentives

Staff Incentives

A platform to promote and demonstrate the core benefits you’ve created through your staff incentive and reward strategies.

job ticketing

Job Ticketing System

Acting as an innovative helpdesk, your workforce can request assistance from the support team, HR dept, or any other team in your business, with full two-way communication.

events calendar

Events Calendar

Ensure your employees are fully aware of your calendar events and maximise attendance by promoting your events quickly and easily in a dedicated area.

staff lottery

Staff Lottery System

What better way to engage and incentivise your employees than the chance to win big cash prizes? Use some of the money generated through staff lottery ticket purchases.

Case Study

How we helped a regional NHS trust engage their staff and promote positivity in their workforce

Nowadays, promoting and maintaining a positive culture in the workplace is more important than ever. It’s well acknowledged that happy and motivated employees are more effective in their…

staff portal nhs case study

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