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Our staffportal system is an effective way to engage your employees and maintain a positive culture in the workplace.

Q: What’s the simplest way to promote positivity within your organisation?

A: Why not give your staff a voice, access to rewards and promotions and the motivation to perform to the best of their ability…

Benefits of using the staffportal

Unlike any other company ‘staff zones’, the Staff Portal aims to bring all the key elements a modern workforce expect together under a single, company-wide, interactive solution.

Specifically designed to be accessible only by your workforce, the Staff Portal is only a click away on any internet enabled device – so whether it’s a work computer at lunch, or a smartphone on the way home, your staff can enjoy all the incentives and benefits on offer, to help keep them motivated and perform to the best of their ability.

The home page acts as an ever changing staff newsletter which brings them the very latest news regarding your organisation’s developments and your media news feeds.

With direct news streams from your communication and press office you have the ability to get news fast to your teams both at work and whilst they are on the go. Add to this the fully implemented social media alignments with your organisations Twitter and Facebook accounts and you have a very powerful communication tool at your fingertips.

staff portal homepage

Modules included in the staff portal system

staff portal incentives


Incentives are an effective way to help motivate your employees to perform to the very best of their ability, achieving their goals and gaining recognition for their hard work.

Our Staff Incentives provides you with a platform to do just that by bringing all of your staff reward packages together in a one easily accessible page for your teams to view, becoming your showcase area to promote and demonstrate the core benefits you’ve created through your staff incentive and reward strategies.

How it works…

Staff incentives are collated and divided into a simple grid structure, presenting a clear incentives overview with the option to add further rewards and schemes.

The incentives are fully customisable and simple to add and insert offers, documentation and links to external providers.

Putting this into practice, Staff Incentives is the natural home for Cycle to Work schemes, Childcare Vouchers, Lease Car Schemes and your internal SuperDraw Staff Lottery.

staff portal incentives
staff portal lottery

Staff lottery

What better way to incentivise your staff than the chance to win big cash prizes?

The Staff Lottery ‘Super Draw’ is an integral part of the Staff Portal system, and provides your teams with an internal lottery to take part in, with monthly prizes in the £1000’s and an annual Superdraw in excess of £10,000!

Using money generated through staff lottery ticket purchases, the Superdraw distributes £1,000s every month to lucky members of your team, all they have to do is sign up through the Staff Portal and register for the lottery which will automatically notify payroll for the salary reduction.

Live ‘animated’ draws can be streamed via the users PC or mobile device so no lottery member is more than a few clicks away from potentially hitting the jackpot!

Our staff portal is self funding…

The best part about the Staff Lottery system is that it’s completely self-funding, with the money generated from ticket purchases going towards the prize fund and covering the cost of the entire Staff Portal System as a whole – so there’s no financial reason not to start using the Staff Portal, it’s a proven way to engage with and motivate your team at no extra cost!

Additional modules availalble

Your questions

An interactive Q&A zone where staff can ask questions of your organisation’s leaders and engage in productive debates. This is a great way to keep in touch with the needs and opinions of your workforce, answering questions and easing their concerns to help make them feel valued as part of the wider organisation.

Your ideas

A great way to motivate staff whilst providing you with a steady supply of innovative improvement ideas.

Like ‘Your Questions’, Your Ideas provides you with a dedicated zone for staff to offer suggestions based on their expertise, receiving ‘Thumbs Up’ from fellow employees to signal that there’s an idea that people believe could seriously benefit a particular area of your organisation.

Your stuff

A safe internal marketplace for your staff to advertise their unwanted items and sell them online to their colleagues. With no risk or liability to you, Your Stuff provides an in-house alternative to eBay or other online selling sites but with no associated commission costs for users wishing to sell their items.

Staff discounts

When you employ large numbers of employees, many local and national brands are keen to reward your teams with a range of offers and discounts. So whether it’s buy-one-get-one-free or 10%, 20%, 30% off, the Staff Discounts section allows you to advertise these offers to your staff, as another way of rewarding them for their great work.

Morale Barometer

Studies show that happiness makes people more productive at work and our Morale Barometer is designed to give you a clear picture of your employee’s job satisfaction, helping you identify areas of strength and room for improvement in your organisation.

Your careers

Your Careers gives your staff a platform to further their personal and professional development, with access to Training, Coaching and Work Experience modules as well as updates on Vacancies within your organisation, Retirement plans, Employability information and much more.

Case Study

How we helped a regional NHS trust engage their staff and promote positivity in their workforce

Nowadays, promoting and maintaining a positive culture in the workplace is more important than ever. It’s well acknowledged that happy and motivated employees are more effective in their…

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staff portal nhs case study

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