Signatures and Templates for Read & Sign | Feature Update
Read & Sign new signatures update

[New] Signatures and Templates for Read & Sign

Read & Sign just got even better with new signatures and templates!

Now, your docs won’t just be seen and understood; they can be signed too. Let’s check out everything that’s new and what you can expect.

Personalise the way you sign

Personalise your signing experience.

Whether you draw, upload, or type your signature, Read & Sign offers versatile options for a more authentic and convenient experience.

personalise the way you sign

Immediate Notifications and Downloads

Gain peace of mind by being notified exactly when your important documents have been signed. Signed documents can be downloaded right away within Read & Sign.

immediate notifications and downloads

Security for Important Documents and Contracts

Ensure your important documents are secure and verified. With Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES), Read & Sign provides heightened security, ensuring they come back verified and unaltered.

security for important documents and contracts

More than just Signatures

Make sure your notices meet your needs precisely. Drag and drop additional fields onto your documents and collect the data that matters most to you.

Add images, lists, checkboxes, comment boxes and much more.

more than just signatures

Templates that you can share

You can now create custom notice templates, allowing you to quickly issue frequently sent information/documents.

Share templates for colleagues or groups to use and collaborate.

PDF editor forms

Signatures outside your organisation

Create and send documents beyond your business. Get contracts, agreements or any other important document signed by any third party.

Or even create custom survey templates and gather customer feedback.

signatures outside your organisation

Manage signatures and Documents Remotely

Optimised across all devices and platforms with an updated user interface, Read & Sign allows you to effortlessly manage documents and signatures wherever you are and whatever device you’re on.


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