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Custom Forms and Departments

Supercharge Employee Management with Custom Forms and Departmental Roles

Manage your people more effectively by building custom forms, creating departments, departmental roles and accessing employees full induction history records.

Key features Induct and train June 2024

Custom From Builder

Induct & Train now has a powerful form builder which allows you to create and send fillable forms to employees.


The new form builder in Induct & Train allows you to create and distribute fillable forms effortlessly. Significantly reduce admin and ensure all vital information is captured accurately.

Live forms: Keep forms such as incident report forms active at all times, allowing employees to submit information as needed.  

Assigned forms: Assign specific forms like return-to-work forms on a need-to-know basis, ensuring that only relevant employees have access.

Integrate forms seamlessly into your workflows, such as assigning new starter forms to new hires, ensuring you collect all necessary information right from the beginning.

Departments and roles

You can now quickly distribute information to entire departments in a few clicks, ensuring department-specific information reaches the right people quickly.


Assign key employees to departments, giving them oversight of crucial activities such as:

  • Certificate renewals
  • Inductions Completed
  • Inductions Failed
  • Induction Renewal Reminders
  • Training Completed
  • Training Failed
  • Training Renewal Reminder
  • User Profile Completed
  • Forms submitted
  • Forms assigned

Induction Vault & in-person training

Access a complete history of inductions, allowing you to see what training someone has completed, when it was completed, and its expiry date.


Ensure continuous compliance making it easier to track and manage training.

Retain records: All completed inductions are retained, even after new sessions are completed.

In-person training: Record face-to-face training such as site tours or hands-on sessions, maintaining a comprehensive record of ALL training.

Notable Improvements

Departments changes: Departments re-worked to create a more granular organisation structure including sub-departments and teams, allowing for better management and organisation.

User Reviving: Archived users can now be revived with all their active induction records, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

User Record Accordion: The user record now has a collapsable accordion to improve responsiveness and ease of navigating, making it simpler to manage extensive user data.

Start your journey today

With these exciting new features, Induct & Train empowers businesses to streamline their employee management, departmental efficiency and maintain comprehensive training records.

Leveraging the new form builder, departmental roles and induction vault, you can collect more data, communicate better and stay on top of compliance.

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