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Policy distribution updates on the ground and in the air!

dnata use Read&Sign policy distribution software from Keyzo IT Solutions

dnata are keeping employees up-to-date and compliant using Read & Sign

Leading global air and travel services provider dnata needed an effective policy distribution and communication platform.

Providing their HR department with the ability to easily share their process changes, updated notices and health & safety requirements to thousands of employees, in specific departments across the company.

Dnata’s leading air services required a leading solution

dnata offers their ground handling and cargo services to over 36 countries, moving over 3 million tonnes of cargo each year and renowned for being awarded ‘Ground Handler of the Year’.

Therefore, it’s vital that all their staff are easily informed about the many developing policies and health & safety announcements, that come from this heavily regulated industry. With quick accessibility, regardless of whether staff are in the sky, on the ground or on the other side of the world.

By choosing Read & Sign, dnata are able to keep their employees from all over the world instantly informed and compliant with an easy to use policy distribution system.

dnata use Read&Sign policy distribution software from Keyzo IT Solutions
dnata use Read & Sign policy distribution software from Keyzo IT Solutions

What dnata required for their notice distribution

With the ever-changing global environment and the many moving parts involved in the ground handling industry; dnata had clear requirements. They needed to send over 200 digital notices every month, to over 2000 users worldwide!

These important notices could be anything, including aircraft operational procedures, baggage handling and driving safety standards. Read & Sign was the clear option for their document distribution needs, providing easy acknowledgement and workplace compliance for all their users.

Having control of the distributed company notices is only the beginning for dnata’s HR department. Admin users are then able to track the acknowledgement percentage rate of each policy by individual or department.

They can also send reminders to individuals who have not yet opened, read or understood a policy. Furthermore, if the notices continue to go ignored, then their line managers can be informed.

Unique features and integrations

We were also able to provide a unique integration with dnata’s internal HR software. Enabling the system to collect and assign any new starters based on their group or category.

Providing integration options enables dnata to use Read & Sign to its full potential and this is what they had to say about Keyzo:

“Read & Sign helps our business to communicate the process change/health and safety requirement to specific department/sub-departments and across the company. By using notice distribution, we are also saving on paper, printer usage, toner, time, and effort.”

“The development which is underway and ready for release is a massive improvement. A mobile version of the app will be making a lot of difference from the user perspective. And their supports turnaround time is very good.”

Linsen Varghese, Business Relationship Manager

dnata use Read&Sign policy distribution software from Keyzo IT Solutions

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