Staff inductions & Training for MWH Treatment

Induct & Train Case Study

How MWH Treatment keep their inductions flowing…

MWH Treatment use Induct & Train from Keyzo IT Solutions

Staff Inductions & Training for MWH Treatment

The most partnered UK construction company for the water industry MWH Treatment, came to us seeking an efficient system for inductions and training. Within the framework for Severn Trent Water, MWH Treatment now uses Induct & Train across 11 of Severn Trent’s sites throughout the heart of the UK, from the Bristol Channel to the Humber, and from Mid-Wales to the East Midlands.

Used by Health & Safety Managers and Contractors, Induct & Train is full of powerful management tools which allow MWH Treatment to streamline inductions and save time.

Induct & Train

Induct & Train ensures MWH Treatment employees, contractors and new starters always have access to up-to-date training to ensure they remain experts in developing innovations.

The user-friendly web portal allows admins to upload material such as induction videos and schedule automatic reminders, improving induction and site compliance while minimising paperwork and administrative tasks.

MWH Treatment use Induct & Train from Keyzo IT Solutions

Super easy to register and start the induction

Zoe Robertson
Head of SHEQ – MWH Treatment

MWH Treatment
MWH Treatment use Induct & Train from Keyzo IT Solutions

Induction Requirements

MWH Treatment required a reliable system for their multi-site operations, responsible for over 800 staff across departments such as engineering, operations and Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ). The system needed to be accessible, easy to manage and have support of the supplier to quickly make changes and keep operations flowing smoothly.

With easily configurable modules such as Job Roles and On-Site, MWH Treatment are now able to quickly induct staff and contractors to site with simple drag and drop allocations, Zoe Robertson, Head of SHEQ at MWH said: “The use from an inductee perspective is much easier to follow and from an admin perspective, we have 100% control”.

Induction Features & Integration

Ensuring the new system was a seamless integration into their operations, Keyzo fine-tuned module elements to ensure maximum overall effectiveness after deployment, such as time & attendance customisations and ergonomic optimisations to landing pages for quicker registrations and navigation.

All previous induction data was seamlessly migrated to Induct & Train, enabling MWH Treatment to access historical data while benefiting from a new, streamlined system.

In addition, contractors are now able access sites using QR codes, streamlining their workflow and improving client relationships even further.

MWH Treatment use Induct & Train from Keyzo IT Solutions

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