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Software Solutions for Energy Companies from Keyzo IT Solutions

Maximise work efficiency, increase safety awareness, manage site access and ensure full compliance at all times with Keyzo providing your Energy, Utilities or Renewables software solutions…

Companies operating in the highly-competitive utilities and energy markets face considerable challenges to reduce costs, meet environmental regulations and deliver reliable, consistent services whilst remaining profitable.

Skilled craft workers, specialist construction project managers, experienced contractors and skilled technicians are vital components of an efficient, compliant, influential and highly mobile workforce. There is a real industry need for innovative and trustworthy software in the energy and renewables industry in order to get the very most out of your vast workforce whilst streamlining internal processes.

Our digital solutions will improve compliance and health and safety awareness by transforming the way your business communicates and how it approaches training and competency requirements for all staff, contractors and supervisors. Managing your training materials, your workforce morale, your variety of documents and your plans, policies and notices will feel effortless.

These are some of the key benefits our software solutions can provide for your energy and renewables business…

  • Contractor management and traceability
  • Functional across multiple sites and in the field
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory bodies
  • Ensure ongoing competency in staff and contractors
  • Smart site access and egress control
  • Effective safety updates and weather warning distribution
  • Enhanced document and notice acknowledgement
  • Increased health and safety awareness
  • Highlight gaps in contractor knowledge

Our range of next-generation digital solutions for utilities, energy and renewables companies operate under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, allowing you to buy any of our software solutions on a subscription basis.

Our dedicated development team will provide full support for the solutions you choose...


induct&train is our online induction solution. It comes with a whole host of advanced, innovative features, providing truly next generation functionality… Exactly what the energy and utilities industry deserves.

Our training system for energy, renewables and utilities companies can be accessed online at any time with a computer, tablet or mobile device. It is an excellent induction, onboarding and re-training solution for contractors, or your workforce, and contains a host of tools to track industry-specific needs like contractor management, technician competency and site access.

You can organise your employee qualifications and their re-training status in one easy and accessible place, along with any of their internal training records, so you can have the right data at the right time, whenever it is required.

Deliver your induction online in an interactive, engaging way so you can consistently demonstrate outstanding competency. induct&train allows managers or administrators to track contractors on-site, ensure correct permit to works are issued or that any instances of non-compliance are recorded in one central log. Reports can be configured to your requirements for audits and safety standards purposes, or to analyse the induction status of your workforce at any time.


read&sign is our cutting-edge communications software, designed to increase project efficiency and accountability by providing streamlined, but highly visible project communications, field communications, document distribution, acknowledgement, and more…

Our innovative digital communications solution can be accessed anywhere, even in remote locations, so that your entire workforce is constantly in the loop. With our document acknowledgement software, you can guarantee that each notice has been understood by the recipient, with instant tracking and updates to see who is reading what and when, in the field, on-site or in the office.

For the energy, utilities and renewables industry, read&sign provides your business with a way to collaborate; sharing and viewing any documentation or notice, connecting your mobile teams to your front-end channels to your back-office operations in one seamless, entirely relevant communications package.

Strong communication is key in hitting targets and deadlines. Maintaining constant regulatory compliance, health and safety standards, and keeping all policies up-to-date and acknowledged becomes much easier with read&sign, with no need for your administrators to manually chase your workforce for acknowledgement or feedback.

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