Empowering dsm-firmenich to identify non-compliant contractors

Induct & Train Case Study

Empowering dsm-firmenich to identify non-compliant contractors…

DSM Dalry, Scotland use Induct and Train software from Keyzo IT Solutions

Contractor onboarding with Induct & Train

Innovators in nutrition, health and beauty, dsm-firmenich, faced challenges in efficiently onboarding contractors at their site in Dalry, Scotland.

This case study looks into their experience with Induct & Train, a comprehensive onboarding tool, and how it was able to identify non-compliant contractors, reduce admin hours and streamline their overall contractor onboarding process.

Previous process & challenges

Prior to integrating Induct & Train into their operations, dsm-firmenich heavily depended on company administrators to oversee contractor documentation, navigating through two different systems for induction and site access control.

Unfortunately, this disjointed method was inefficient and presented complications with uploading historic data. Their previous systems, having become outdated, failed to meet the current needs to the company.

Relying on dispersed information and manual workflows imposed a significant time burden on administrators and occasionally resulted in data discrepancies.

DSM use Induct & Train Software from Keyzo IT Solutions
DSM use Induct & Train Software from Keyzo IT Solutions

Decision to implement Induct & Train

After some online discovery to find solutions to the problem, and reviewing a competing system, dsm-firmenich eventually settled with Induct & Train, citing its intuitive interface, concise reporting and ease of use as initial reasons for selection.

Their aim was to ensure all contractors coming to site have the necessary certifications and are allocated the correct company documentation applicable to their job role, which is something Induct & Train offers automated workflows for.

They also wanted to run accurate attendance and training reports to keep a pulse on all Induction & Training activity, and reports for all levels of data were available to them within Induct & Train.

Comprehensive reports as standard

Induct & Train has comprehensive reporting built-in. View company wide metrics quickly in the dashboard, or download complete excel reports for users, inductions, policies, site locations and much more.

DSM use Induct & Train Software from Keyzo IT Solutions

Trial and implementation

A trial of Induct & Train commenced in January 2024, with approximately 500 users, including contractors and staff, across various departments and business partners accessing the platform.

Induct & Train successfully streamlined contractor onboarding, ensuring necessary certifications and documentation were in place.

The implementation of Induct & Train replaced outdated systems, offering a unified platform for onboarding contractors. Its user-friendly interface, streamlined processes, and clear reporting capabilities stood out during final evaluation.

Induct & Train has revolutionised how we bring contractors to site to ensure they are adequately qualified and receive necessary, relevant documentation and training. Derek Millar | SHE Supervisor Security & Transport & Contractor Safety | dsm-firmenich

Results: Identifying non-compliant contractors

Leveraging Induct & Train, dsm-firmenich experienced significant improvements in their contractor onboarding processes. They managed to reduce administrative overhead, save man-hours, enhance the accuracy of attendance and training reports, but also identify non-compliant contractors.

Derek Millar at dsm-firmenich noted that Induct & Train had actually helped them identify contractors which weren’t compliant to be working at their sites: “Keyzo has identified contractor companies who are not SHE approved”.

SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) approved status is a term used to indicate that a contractor has met a certain level of safety, health and environmental standards.

Contractors who meet a certain level of standards are likely to have undertaken an assessment to ensure they have the proper systems and procedures in place, typically certified by a regulated body who will issue them with a certificate.

Via the companies management area of Induct & Train, dsm-firmenich were able to request certifications, insurance, accreditations, and any other paperwork required by contractors to work on their sites.

Unable to offer proof of their ‘SHE approved’ status, some contractor companies were unable to satisfy the onboarding requirements which had been setup within Induct & Train and dsm-firmenich was thereby notified.


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The consensus was that Keyzo offered a smoother and more efficient onboarding experience for contractors.

Induct & Train is now a vital solution for dsm-firmenich, addressing their issues with contractor onboarding and delivering tangible benefits in efficiency, compliance and cost savings.

This case study illustrated how Induct & Train can help drive operational excellence and enhance safety measures in complex industrial environments.

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