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We’ve been helping businesses in the Humber region develop innovative software solutions to help streamline their business operations, demonstrate compliance, improve team performance and share important data any time, anywhere…

Tucked away in the charming village of Kirmington, North Lincolnshire, we’ve been quietly building personnel tools since 2009, for many different industries throughout the region, the UK and overseas, helping Management, Administration, HR, Health & Safety Officers and the Employees and Contractors they manage to become more organised and efficient by having access to critical information, all in one place.

Take a look at some of our regional projects below:


Increase efficiency

Reduce administration time and costs by scheduling and automating the delivery of your existing training processes…

increase hr efficiency

Enhance Compliance

Securely store and share personnel data across multiple locations and projects, easily accessible to HR and Management teams…


Avoid accidents and confusion by contractors when working on-site…

We were approached by Pharmaceutical Giants, Novartis, early in 2010 to find a solution to incidents and accidents happening in their Grimsby Plant by un-informed or even un-qualified contractors.

We sat down with their health and safety teams to develop an induction system that could work hand in hand with on-site security, to ensure all contractors arriving on site could be very quickly inducted through important safety notices before being allowed access to the site.

The concept then came to the attention of Cemex who we worked with to develop induct&train in to a full scale ‘award-winning’ software solution with options to add security tools such as biometrics and access card printing and multi-lingual options for their global workforce.

Cemex wanted to ensure induct&train could be used primarily for their UK business, but a successful rollout to their German counterparts later in 2015 showed the system to be a robust, scaleable induction and training solution for corporate organisations that continues to enhance their induction and training processes to this day.


Guide contractors through your own pre-built online inductions and health and safety training processes even before they arrive on-site.

Quickly and easily upload your health and safety documentation and induction content including powerpoint presentations, images, videos/animations or even simple word documents, to build your training modules into an interactive and engaging system without the need for expensive training resources.

With full management and reporting via personnel profiles that are easily shared to ensure your workforce maintain their skills, it’s easy to maintain compliance and health and safety awareness throughout your whole organisation.


Communicate important notices with employees however far away from a desk they may be…

Developed initially by our aviation software department and accessible via our flagship skybook software, our read&sign document distribution software was developed as a standalone product and in 2013 was taken on by Humberside airport to streamline their communications.

After a successful trial period, Humberside Airport established the software as part of their every day communications, even replacing email for most of their important notices.

Over time the software is now used by a number of major airports all over the country and with GDPR looming, many other industry sectors (even local schools) are now starting to see the benefits of switching to our read&sign software for their important internal communications.

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Inform employees of important policies with our document distribution software that ensures compliance by tracking their acknowledgments.

Optimise the visibility of your documentation, compliance alerts and notices by ensuring the information you are sending out is received, acknowledged and understood.

All parties you communicate with are required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of your communications; a tried and tested way of promoting increased responsibility, awareness and efficiency in the workplace.


Engage with employees however busy they may be…

When your workplace deals with critical situations on a daily basis, you have to do everything you can to keep your employees happy and motivated, performing to the best of their abilities, in this case, saving lives.

This is why the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust initially approached us in 2012 to develop a staff lottery system to engage their employees.

Now that they have introduced our web-based modular staffportal software (with built-in Lottery System) they have an effective way of engaging and rewarding their vast community of employees through an easy to use online portal.

As with all our software products, over time the staffportal has become more enhanced and we are currently implementing the latest upgraded version in one of the most respected providers of Integrated Engineering Services in the Humber Region, the Online Design and Engineering Group

Staff Portal Logo


Our staffportal system is an effective way to engage your employees and maintain a positive culture in the workplace.

Engaging with your employees promotes a positive atmosphere in your workplace and gives your team a platform to communicate, access rewards and even learn more about career progression in your organisation…

The staff portal comes complete with hosting, installation, and integration, branding, administration training and support included.

Staff Portal Software - Northair Laptop

We don’t sell software ‘out of the box’, and always go above and beyond our customers’ expectations to ensure we understand exactly what they want to achieve from their business software.

Our customers have confidence that our software integrations are expertly project managed, delivered and monitored at every stage, and that we offer a high quality and seamless delivery process.


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