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We design and develop innovative business software solutions to streamline your operations, demonstrate compliance and improve performance.

Online Induction Software

Contractor online induction

A unique and cost-effective way to provide inductions for employees, contractors and visitors before they arrive on-site. The software is web-based and uses video, textual content, imagery and interactive questionnaires to engage with inductees to enhance their learning process.


If you operate in a high risk industry, using our software to perform inductions is a proven way of reducing workplace incidents caused by a lack of knowledge and skills.


Online Induction is the most comprehensive training and induction software available, with hosting, installation, branding, administration training and support included.

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Read & Sign

Optimise visibility of your key documents, compliance, and efficiency by ensuring the information you are sending out is received, acknowledged and understood.


Using Read&Sign, all parties you communicate with are required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of all your communications through the system; a tried and tested way of promoting increased responsibility, awareness and efficiency within organisations.


Read&Sign comes with 24/7 support with comprehensive monitoring, alerting and carefully planned contingency processes.

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Staff Portal Software

Engage your employees and promote a positive culture in your workplace by giving your staff a platform to communicate, access to rewards, promotions and the motivation to perform to the best of their ability.


Accessible online through any internet-connected device, the Staff Portal includes modules for Incentives, Staff Lotteries, Questions, Ideas, Discounts, Morale, Careers and Classified Ads.


Using the Staff Lottery system, the portal is self-funding and you will more than recover the cost of purchasing the portal over time.

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Bespoke Software Development

we develop in many languages

Are you looking to improve an area of your business? We specialise in bespoke software development tailored to your objectives.


Our team of highly skilled software developers use the latest technology to build secure, robust systems that save time, reduce costs and maximise efficiency throughout your operation.


Additionally, we are fanatical about the levels of support we offer our clients, and we do all we can to ensure you are as comfortable and confident using your software as possible.

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