Health and safety onboarding software

Health and Safety Onboarding Software

Onboard staff, contractors or anyone visiting your company sites to ensure you meet Health & Safety protocol.

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The all in one Onboarding and Induction Software

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Onboarding new starters

Top choice for US manufacturers

Ensure anyone representing your company is up to date with the latest training, policies and procedures.

Reduce administrative burden and equip workers with the skills and knowledge to perform their job effectively.

Health & Safety Training

Deliver crucial Health & Safety training before workers set foot on site.

Comply with Regulations

Supports regulation compliance such as OSHA training 1926.503(a).

Multi Language & Location

Deploy your training in different languages, countries, sites or locations.

Keep Detailed Records

Keep a record of all worker training completed for auditing and settling disputes.

Data Insights & Analytics

Identify improvements for your onboarding program through user analytics.

Consistent Experience

Standardised onboarding experience regardless of location or manager.

Remote Onboarding

Users can login from any device and location, completing their training and reviewing important Health & Safety documents before they arrive.

Remote Login

Cross-platform compatible

Access to important documents


Self-serve registration

remote onboarding software
site access control

Control site access

Control, manage and monitor site access. Restrict users with incomplete training and view a full log of movement around your business.

Pass/fail traffic light system

QR code clock in

Auto logs entry and exit times

See who’s on site

Ideal for agency staff invoices

Start your process today

Automatically onboard new workers and get them up to speed with training, policies and procedures.

new starter induction

Auto-enrol new staff

Ensure the right people get the right information. Pre-configure job and site specific information to automatically enrol users onto the correct course.

Job role specific customisation

Site specific customisation

Track user progress

Notify managers of developments

Automated onboarding
Health and Safety training test

Test people’s knowledge

Set up questions to test users and ensure they’ve understood the important bits.

Set pass percentage for each module

Avoid plagiarism with randomiser

Set mandatory questions

Only pay for what you need

Tailor your package

Job Roles Create and distribute role-specific information.
On-site Tracks movement: site entry, exit, time on-site and who's currently on site.
Notifications Notify managers of important developments, automatically.
Self-serve Users can self- register for their training.
Security Desk Admins, users and security to check profile details.
Red Card Restrict site access based on training status / progress.
Jobs Create tasks (jobs) and allocate to users such as contractors.
Sites Create & distribute site-specific information.
Hosts / Visitors Map visitor site journeys and allocate hosts.
Companies + Create company information and distribute to users.
Policies Add PDF policies for all users to read and acknowledge.
Multi Profile Users can take more than one induction / training program.
Departments Create departmental information and distribute to users.
Quick Scan Users to scan using their digital identity or QR code.

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