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10 Jan Engaging Content within an Online Induction System: Why is your content so important?

As we enter the new year, many companies are looking at ways to streamline their processes and improve their business practices. Across a variety of industries, staff need inducting. With that comes cost, time constraints and headaches. With an online induction system, the issues of new starters having to wait for a trainer to be available, travel to a site and conduct a standard on-boarding process are eliminated. Instead, new starters, visitors and contractors are given a consistent induction process that delivers all the relevant information that they need to start their career within your company.

How can an online system help my company?

Keyzo’s Online Induction System is fully personalised and branded with your company logo and colours. Not only does it work fantastically and look great, but it is a completely secure and robust system so you have the confidence that your employee’s details are safe and can be integrated with other systems to streamline your processes across the board.

Not only that, but the Online Induction Software:

• Saves money by reducing face to face employee inductions;
• Efficiently enhances learning with engaging content;
• Includes interactive questionnaires at the end of modules to monitor understanding;
• Gives you the confidence that your new employees are learning all the relevant information they need for their new job role;
• Saves time by allowing inductees to access the system anywhere, anytime;
• Can be translated into multi-language for employees who do not speak English as their first language.

How can I make my induction material more engaging?

Switching to an online induction system gives you the opportunity to take a look through your current on-boarding material to assess any areas that could be improved. An induction for new staff members is incredibly important. Not only does it deliver all the key information needed for them to begin their new job role, but it also gives them the opportunity to settle and feel part of the team from the offset by adapting to work processes.

There are a number of ways in which your content can be uploaded into you online induction system:

Induction Uplifts

Creating animated content is a fantastic way in making your material more engaging. We can take your content and create something modern, that inductees must watch and interact with the work through the module. Interactive content can be created using your current booklets and paperwork. We can break each booklet down into sections, split it into modules and uplift your current induction material into something that is extremely engaging.

Video Content

Videos are often popular within the online induction system as they give a great visual of work scenarios and processes. Your current training videos can be uploaded into the system as part of the induction process. Video footage should be engaging and show aspects of your company that are important to learn about.

Voice Overs

Adding voice overs to videos, slide shows and presentations can help the user focus on the content, follow the information without being distracted and make the content more understandable. It can also come in handy if staff members have trouble with reading and writing or sight issues, and covers all learning styles making the system fully accessible to everyone.


Your policies and training can be brought to life using animation. Our designers will look at your current content and suggest changes, looking at animation where possible. This could be through images, buttons, cartoons or text and makes your induction program and learning software more interactive.


Short questionnaires can be added to the end of each module to monitor how much information has been understood by the inductee. The questionnaire can feature as many questions as you’d like and can differ between modules, so that shorter sections with general information may only have a couple of simple questions and modules that go more in depth to your health & safety information can be monitored more heavily. We usually suggest that 20-30 questions are uploaded, then these can be randomly generated – perfect if you want inductees to go through your material annually or re-induct for each project.

So, who can use an online induction system?

An online induction system is perfect for almost any industry. Due to its bespoke nature, module information can be uploaded in a variety of formats and cover all learning styles. Most people have some form of an on-boarding process. If your company has piles of paperwork and booklets full of information for your inductees to read through when they join you, an online system can revolutionise your processes.

Construction companies with lots of health & safety information that is needed to complete general jobs, as well as site specific work, would benefit from using an online system. Different contractors can be based at jobs across the country, often miles away from the head office, where training staff and HR are usually based. An online induction system can assign different modules to different job roles, so that individuals are getting the information that they need and that is relevant to them.

The construction industry is not the only industry that the system can be used in. It would also be great for education staff and students or recruitment agencies to monitor the skills and qualifications of individuals on their books and prepare them for work within specific industries. It can also be using in the catering and food industry to collect information on food standard qualifications and issue training to chefs and waiters, the tourism industry, airports, leisure industry and even within the police or medical practices.

For more information about our Online Induction software and the types of content that can be created or uploaded into the system, you can visit our content page here. We have also recently uploaded a content example demo to our website. This gives you a visual of how we can make your content more engaging. You can find it here.

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