Read and Sign Software

Read & Sign Software

Ensure the information you are sending out is received, acknowledged and understood.  Instantly track who is reading what and when.

Optimise visibility, compliance and efficiency

Read&Sign makes it easy to publish policies, procedures, safety notices, minutes or any other document to employees, outside agencies or groups.

Everybody, everytime, everywhere…

Read&Sign Recipients acknowledge the receipt and their understanding of notices, which promotes increased responsibility, awareness and efficiency within the organisation. Tools are provided to show who hasn’t acknowledged notices and to prompt recipients to respond.

Saves time - no more need to constantly chase up employees. Read&Sign will automatically send reminders for un-read messages

Instantly track who has read important notices. Or more importantly see who has NOT read and acknowledged them!

Great way for new staff to read important information on your business

Helps the environment as there is no need to print out documents

Providing Excellence in Support

Because of the complexity of the systems we develop for our clients, we are fanatical about the level of service we offer them. In order to maintain a high level service our Support Team are on call 24 x 7 supported by comprehensive monitoring, alerting and contingency processes.

“Since using Read&Sign as a communication tool, it has fulfilled several elements of our SMS (Safety Management System) requirements; namely communication efficiency. We find it a very useful tool that enables us to monitor our communication efficiency and check timeframes for acknowledgment.”

Chris Wild, Operations Manager, Humberside Airport


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