Trustpilot Partnership

Trustpilot Partnership

Why you should care about Online Reviews

Customer reviews provide transparency in customer service, product and service quality and more. This openness helps build your most important currency: trust.

A company without an online reputation is like a jobseeker without a CV

Customers assess a business in the same way a recruiter interviews a candidate; they want to know if what’s in front of them is the right fit. You can only trust someone or something based on what’s gone on before and one of the only ways to make that judgement is by seeing customer reviews.

Gone are the days of linear sales journeys where people simply buy what you’re marketing. Today the journey takes longer and doesn’t necessarily follow a pattern.

A typical purchasing path today might include searching for the company online, checking out their social media, downloading an eGuide, getting in touch for a quote, perhaps talking with customer service, checking reviews of the company, and then buying. By having customer reviews, you minimise the steps needed to make a purchase. You ensure that whatever steps are taken from research to purchase are all as easy as possible.

What do Customer Reviews mean for your business?

As a full service digital agency we’re customer focused – not just for your business, but for your customers too.

By implementing Trustpilot’s analytical tools, we can take feedback, analyse it and determine your next business steps. Gathering intelligence from your end users will help us and you make better decisions, optimise what you’re offering and set future internal and external goals.

Getting behind the reviews is where there’s real value and building a review strategy helps you to stand out above the competition is how we teach you how to evolve going forward. For example, Sharing reviews on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms as part of a wider strategy can help to build a solid brand across all of your channels.

So as you gain a solid online reputation it will increase your customer engagement and gain a better ROI on your marketing.

Research shows 92% of consumers read online reviews. We show you how this can benefit your brand online.

Increase traffic and conversion rates

Search engines love fresh content so the more reviews you get the more fresh content you have resulting in a climb in rankings. If you’re using Google AdWords the review data helps your Google Seller Rating with the stars that appear under your Google ads.

Improve brand reputation

You need to ensure you are collecting reviews, engaging with them and sharing reviews. This shows your commitment to exceed customer expectations with a high quality service level. Over 50% of shoppers say they would pay a higher price for the customer experiences they value most, so you need to ensure your outstanding reputation is visible right from the first click.

Trustpilot helps to showcase your reputation with TrustBoxes visible on your website and social media, with the opportunity to gain rich snippets and Google Seller Ratings.

Build a loyal customer base

Allowing reviews on your site increases trust and shows your ability to give consumers the information they want. Consumer opinions are a chance to engage with your consumers like never before, its a chance to build a rapport, to set mistakes right and to improve what you are already achieving. From this you will gradually see your brand advocacy rise creating positive results.

Our marketing team is on hand to give you more information about how Trustpilot can benefit your business, so why not start approaching your customers for feedback and use the customer connection to help build a better business today.

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