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Hospital staff induction software for healthcare & NHS institutions

Care for your workforce so they can care for your patients to the best of their ability

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hospital staff induction software

Demonstrate improved workforce morale, promote a positive working culture, increase communication, staff motivation and ensure full compliance at all times with Keyzo as your NHS or Hospital staff induction software partner…

Promoting and maintaining a positive culture in the workplace is more important than ever in providing the most effective, efficient and friendly approach to patient care. It’s well acknowledged that happy and motivated employees are more effective in their roles and thus crucial to the success of any organisation, particularly in the NHS and other health care organisations.

You can reinforce an individual’s value to your company with our digital HR solutions for healthcare organisations and in turn provide them with the boost they may occasionally need, to stay positive in the face of potential stress during a hectic shift.

Our hospital induction software and HR solutions can also improve compliance and efficiency by transforming the way your business communicates and by optimising time-consuming, manual processes.

These are some of the key benefits our software solutions can provide for your NHS trust, hospital or care organisation..

  • Develop a valued, motivated, engaging workforce
  • Promote a culture of positivity
  • Reduce administration time in various areas
  • Improve your communications and response times
  • Enhanced medical record, chart and notice acknowledgement
  • Efficient in-house training and re-training
  • Ensure ongoing competency across the workforce
  • Smart ward access and egress control based on competency
  • Functional across multiple sites

Our range of digital solutions for healthcare institutions and NHS trusts operate under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, allowing you to buy any of our software solutions on a subscription basis.

Our dedicated development team will provide full support over the solutions you choose...


Our award-winning induction and training software is a fitting digital solution for hospitals and care organisations to ensure your employees remain competent and compliant up to the standards your company promotes and strives to meet every day…

Our unique induct&train platform can provide hospital staff inductions, training for new employees and re-training for existing staff, even before they arrive on-site if required, making it the perfect digital solution for measuring and improving competency in contractors or nurses for example.

This industry-leading solution can be used to develop your workforce, helping them to perform to the ability your organisation desires, whether this be by providing interactive, engaging training to enhance health and safety awareness, or even customer service training, to guarantee your workforce behave in the most effective manner, at all times when they are patient or resident facing.

Our employee induction and training system for hospitals and NHS trusts can be accessed online at any time, from any location with a computer, tablet or mobile device. It also contains a host of tools to track industry-specific needs like nurse competency, support staff competency, carer competency and can even include site access functionality, allowing ward or site entry to qualified personnel by using ID card or fingerprint scanners.


When it came to developing read&sign, we recognised that most healthcare organisations currently use email to distribute important information, medical records, charts and updates to colleagues. Naturally, many of these emails are often missed because of the amount of information in the recipient’s inbox and their often hectic working day…

Knowing that information and important updates have been received, read and understood can be a major issue for NHS trusts, hospitals, and residential care organisations, many of which still have physical, printed sign-off sheets to capture that the required individuals have received the information. In such a fast-paced, demanding environment, where unexpected situations and emergencies can occur at any moment, this very manual approach to tracking acknowledgment can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to complete. This process can be dramatically improved using innovative digital methods, which read&sign was designed to do.

Using your existing list of employees, or any relevant third parties, read&sign can be used to distribute important, time-sensitive information away from the clutter of email, ensuring the individuals who need to know, get to know as quickly and efficiently as possible, with full measurability over acknowledgment.

read&sign removes all of the manpower required in chasing people for a response and can provide reports extremely quickly, complete with audit trails and the statistics required by managers. Tracking who has acknowledged information is vital in automating the chasing process, saving your administrators a lot of time which they can spend elsewhere, on more meaningful tasks.

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