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Drive better education outcomes through enhanced administration, increased staff performance and improve the day-to-day working experience for teaching staff, support staff, HR and your student services departments with Keyzo providing your school compliance software…

With more pressure than ever mounting on further education and higher education institutions from a variety of changing economic factors, in addition to student retention demands and strict budget cuts, it has never been more important to seek education compliance software which can streamline staff processes whilst saving you money.

Where safeguarding awareness needs to be a priority it is important that your staff can demonstrate continuous competency and that they perform consistently around students, regardless of their role at the institution. It is also important to be able to measure policy update acknowledgement where auditing and compliance is concerned. We streamline and automate internal processes and provide analytics so you are able to meet internal, statutory and regulatory requirements more easily, providing you with instant data.

These are some of the key benefits our education compliance software can provide for your University, College, Academy or School…

  • Demonstrate full safeguarding awareness
  • Reduce administration time in every department
  • Entirely paperless solutions, fully auditable
  • Comply with statutory and regulatory bodies
  • Improve your communications and turnaround times
  • Boost health and safety awareness
  • Functional across multiple sites
  • Effective in-house training and inductions
  • Instil a positive working culture

Our range of next-generation education software solutions for institutions operates under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, allowing you to buy any of our products on a subscription basis.

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It is a common misconception that emails are the most effective way for educational institutions to communicate digitally. When it comes to distributing important information throughout your organisation such as student record updates, student services data, safeguarding updates, open day schedules, updated policies and other vital communications to colleagues, naturally read&sign is the best option.

Emails are often missed because of the amount of information in a recipient’s inbox and with teaching staff, this isn’t helped by the amount of time they spend away from their computer. Knowing that information and updates have not only been received but have been read and understood by a recipient can potentially be a major issue for universities, colleges, academies and schools, many of which still adopt a manual process to acquiring acknowledgement. An administrator would normally be required to print out sign-off sheets to capture that the required individuals have received and understood important information.

In a large educational institution, particularly where multiple sites are concerned, chasing acknowledgement can be a heavy resource drain. Internal communications can be dramatically improved using our innovative read&sign education compliance software, which has been designed to streamline and automate chasing acknowledgement for documentation and important notices, making the process quick and easy.

read&sign will distribute important, time-sensitive information away from the clutter of email, ensuring the individuals in any department, multiple departments or your entire organisation, get to know as quickly and efficiently as possible, with full, real-time analysis over who has and hasn’t acknowledged. Our schools, colleges and university internal communication software gives you an audit trail that may be required by management.

read&sign provides your institution with enhanced, internal communications to improve competency and compliance whilst reducing the need for paper and manual resource.


Our education induction and training software is an award winner. It is the perfect vehicle for educational institutions to demonstrate compliance in safeguarding awareness and health and safety awareness. A fitting digital solution for any university, college, academy or school to ensure your staff remain competent and compliant up to the standards your institution strives to meet every day…

Our unique induct&train platform can provide staff inductions, training for new employees and re-training for existing staff, even before they arrive on-site.

This industry-leading solution can be used to develop all of your departments, including teaching staff, support staff and student services, helping them to perform to the ability your institution requires, particularly where safeguarding is concerned. By providing interactive, engaging training to enhance health and safety awareness, or safeguarding awareness you can guarantee your staff perform in a competent manner, at all times when they are dealing with students and learners. With fully measurable personnel profiles you are able to demonstrate excellent levels of compliance with all regulatory and statutory bodies, including the ability to gain a quick and detailed view of performance against internal standards.

With induct&train you can even include site access functionality at multiple sites, allowing entry to qualified personnel only, by using ID cards or fingerprint scanners.

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