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Maximise communications efficiency, enhance your operations, manage staff inductions and ensure consent at all times with Keyzo as your aviation compliance software partner…

Companies operating in the airport & airline industry face considerable challenges to reduce paper use, reduce their costs, consistently meet strict regulations and deliver reliable, consistent services to customers while remaining profitable.

The process of updating personnel, suppliers, and services often involves a large amount of paper production, time spent collating signatures and the pain of chasing people to ensure that they have received and understood important communications. Our airport and aviation compliance software combats these issues.

There is a pressing need for innovative and trustworthy aviation software solutions to maintain compliance amongst a moving workforce whilst streamlining internal processes. Our digital solutions will improve efficiency by transforming the way your airport or airline communicates and by automating time-consuming, manual processes.

These are some of the key benefits our aviation compliance software solutions can provide for your airport or airline…

  • Enhanced document and notice acknowledgement
  • Dramatically reduce paper production
  • Improve your SMS and QMS systems
  • Quantify the success of your communications
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory bodies
  • Reduce administration time in various areas
  • Ensure ongoing competency across the workforce
  • Effective safety update and weather warning distribution
  • Functional across multiple sites

Our range of next-generation digital HR solutions for airlines and airports operate under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, allowing you to buy any of our induction and compliance software solutions on a subscription basis.

Our dedicated development team will provide full support for the solutions you choose.


When it came to developing read&sign, we recognised that most airports and airlines use email to distribute important information to colleagues and that many of these emails are being missed because of the amount of information in the recipient’s inbox or because the recipient can’t readily access a desktop computer.

Knowing that information has been received, read and understood is a major issue for airports and airlines, many of which still have sign-off sheets to capture that individuals have received information. In such a fast-paced, demanding environment, this approach can be improved using aviation compliance software. read&sign acts as the perfect airport sign off software in order to solve these problems.

Using your existing list of employees, subsidiaries or third parties, read&sign can be used to distribute information outside of the clutter of email, ensuring the individuals who need to know get to know as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tracking who has received information using read&sign couldn’t be easier. It provides insights quickly, along with audit trails and the statistics required by managers in order to chase individuals. Tracking who has acknowledged information is vital in automating the chasing process, to save you an abundance of time. For our airline dispatch & EFB solutions see Bytron Aviation Systems.


Our interactive airport induction software induct&train ensures your entire workforce has access to your induction programme and critical training materials at any time. This makes it a great tool for training and re-training alike to ensure high standards in health and safety, operational efficiency, and customer service at all times…

Our employee induction system for airlines and airports can be accessed online at any time, from any location with a computer, tablet or mobile device. This makes it a great tool for visitors and sub-contractors as well and with the ability to integrate into site access, becomes an excellent security solution for any airport, allowing entry to qualified personnel only.

Reports can be configured to your requirements for audits and safety standards purposes, or simply for managers or administrators to analyse the competency status of your inductees at any given time.

Guaranteeing compliance is the key focus of our online induction software, and not only is it an excellent tool to measure competency and qualify site attendees, it also negates a lot of expensive training resource, providing you with cost savings and time savings which can be put to good use elsewhere.

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