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Promoting and maintaining a positive culture in the workplace is more important than ever. It’s well acknowledged that happy and motivated employees are more effective in their roles and thus crucial to the success of any organisation.

When your workplace deals with critical situations on a daily basis, you have to do everything you can to keep your employees happy and motivated, performing to the best of their abilities, saving lives. This is why the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals initially approached us to develop the branding to introduce a staff lottery draw across their regional hospital teams.

After discussing the initial brief for a staff lottery system with the client and improving their understanding of our technical abilities, the brief extended to the development of a completely automated and modular staff intranet portal for the Trust, developing a range of further modules to help them engage their staff .

Now that they have introduced our web-based software solution there is an effective way of engaging and rewarding their vast community of employees through an easy to use online portal. Their staff can access an intuitive User Management Dashboard using their NHS email address, sign up for incentive schemes, be a part of their internal staff lottery system, participate in the discussion forums and so much more.


Initially the primary objective was to design and create the branding to introduce a staff lottery draw across Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals. After discussing this brief with the client and improving their understanding of our technical development capabilities, the brief extended to the development of a completely automated and modular staff intranet portal.


  • Design the lottery branding including logo identity and illustrations of characters.
  • Design posters, marketing literature and banner popups.


  • Build an online portal for Staff Incentive Schemes with a registration process using existing staff NHS email address
  • Build a Lottery incentive with a monthly, summer and winter draw
  • Build additional modules based on popularity, budget and feedback


As part of a larger organisation its essential that we ask the right questions to ensure the solutions we provide are effective and quantitive.

How do we keep our staff motivated on a day to day basis?
Provide your teams with clear goals and positive incentives to work towards that benefit your organisation.

Are we losing out on productivity because of unhappy employees?
Offer rewards and benefits to your staff on a regular basis, so that they love coming to work.

How can we maintain a strong team ethic?
Give your staff a platform to interact with each other and build relationships.

How can we help our staff feel valued by our organisation?
Encourage your teams to ask questions and share valuable feedback on their roles within the organisation.

Can we afford additional benefits for employees’?
Our lottery solution is an organic, interactive system that will more than pay for the entire portal as a whole.


The user database and management system was developed as core components with all the user profile information accessible via a management interface for administrators and a simple dashboard for the user. Building the system like this gave us the option to add modules later based on popularity, budget and feedback.

The Staff incentives were collated and divided into a simple grid structure, presenting a clear incentives overview with the option to add more rewards and schemes. Once a user successfully complete the sign-up process the page is updated and the individual incentive is greyed out.

Staff Portal Software Layout Design
NHS Staff Portal Character Design


A big part of developing the staff lottery was creating an identity that would not only be acceptable within the corporate guidelines outlined by the NHS, but also create a unique, identifiable and friendly feel to entice employees to sign up to the portal.

NHS Staff Portal Character Designs


The Staff Lottery was integrated into the core of the portal as it required specific functionality. We implemented a panel alongside the main navigation to provide a notification area for monthly draw results, information about winners and space to entice the users to get further involved by making suggestions to the Lottery Benefit Fund.

NHS Staff Portal Lottery Design
Staff Lottery Superdraw Design

The lottery code is based on a simple principle. A user signs-up for the monthly draw and the prize draw automatically runs at the end of the month with the code assigning prizes to the first, second and third place winners using a pre-assigned table of prize funds based on the number of users currently signed up. This enables the prize draw percentage to grow, dependant on the number of users subscribed to the lottery.

With a further percentage of the monthly lottery subscriptions being directed in to a (virtual) pot to be used on a 6 monthly ‘Superdraw’ we wanted to reassure lottery users and the trust administration that the lottery software was completely impartial, so we had the code independently verified by an external company of solictors.

A final percentage of the cost of tickets was also allocated in to a separate fund for extra staff perks via a Staff Benefits module, funding staff trips, family fun days, team-bonding exercises and many more suggestions provided by employees directly. This module was developed to ensure ALL employees could benefit from the lottery, even if they hadn’t actually won the monthly draw.


The Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals Staff Portal is an interactive, engaging system that keeps their internal teams up to date with the latest developments within the trust and provides valuable feedback into the thoughts, needs and desires of their workforce. The Staff Portal is not only a means to give something back to the trusts’ hard working employees through the staff lottery and a wide range of benefit schemes, the entire development cost of the staff portal has been funded by the lottery module.

Ultimately, the Staff Portal reflects the NHS organisation, what it is and what it stands for – reinforcing pride with every login. It is a proven way to create a fun, exciting platform that helps to transform and reward employee engagement to ultimately increase workforce morale.

We were slightly hesitant at first to adopt the Staff Portal system due to the potential cost of maintaining it and concerns about whether our staff would use it. Down the line we can see that our worries were premature; our staff are more engaged and efficient than before and with the money generated from the monthly lottery the portal pays for itself!

Since implementing the Staff Portal we’ve noticed a significant change in how our employees approach not only their day to day roles but also each other. There has been a real increase in staff interaction and morale has increased as a result!

The Staff Portal has been brilliant at providing us with regular feedback from staff on ways to streamline NHS operations, even small changes that make a big impact! We have also been able to provide staff with the resources they need to perform effectively in their roles

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