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Our award-winning automated inductions and training software streamlines your onboarding process and training program for new starters, staff development, contractors and visitors, for any industry, at any time, in any place.

Our simple digital induction solution and training software will improve your induction process and keep staff and contractors compliant and engaged.

Our interactive digital induction software induct&train is the perfect solution for HSE specialists and HR departments. It ensures your entire workforce has access to your induction programme and critical training materials at any time. Through web based inductions and web based staff training, your employees can complete their elearning on any device to ensure they are fully inducted to the level your business requires, even from remote locations.

Quickly and easily upload your documentation and training courses including powerpoint presentations, images, videos/animations or even simple word documents, to build your digital training modules. Our modular training software provides an interactive and engaging system to induct and train employees without the need for expensive training resources.

As with any learning management system (LMS) or staff development hub, our workplace induction system gives you full, intuitive reporting via personnel profiles. Reports are easily shared to ensure your workforce maintain their skills and continue their professional development. HR and HSE induction software such as this makes it easy to maintain compliance and health and safety awareness throughout your whole organisation.

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Don’t be fooled by the simplicity…

induct&train was developed to be configurable, expandable and modular software with a range of next generation features, each one adding further functionality to the core requirements of providing an excellent digital onboarding solution.

Features include the ability to induct staff online across multiple sites, a variety of profile identifiers so you can deliver tailored digital inductions specific to job role, automated renewal processes and reminders, configurable pass/fail scenarios, in-depth analysis and reporting, printed ID cards and an access control system; including biometric access control, to gain site entry via fingerprint scanning.

The complete induct&train workforce induction system comes with hosting, installation, initial configuration and personalised company branding, administration training and support included.

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Deliver quality training anytime, anywhere…

Our induct&train software provides a highly efficient delivery system for your induction plan for new employees and your staff training for existing personnel. This innovative online training tool reduces your time spent and your costs, whilst increasing the quality of your training content, induction process, your productivity, knowledge retention and awareness.

There are huge benefits in using an online induction system to train your workforce and rapid induct new starters. Here are just a few…

cost effective


Remove the need for a face-to-face employee induction process, training rooms or expensive training conferences and induct staff digital

is efficient


Keep inductees engaged and improve knowledge retention by delivering interactive questionnaires or modular assessments with online induction training

view and send online induction documents


Boost productivity and reduce safety incidents knowing employees understand critical information with a strong contractor induction process

access online induction anywhere


Provide your training materials and new employee induction programme on any device, and securely share personnel information to management

personalise your system


Secure and GDPR compliant staff training software used by many organisations throughout the UK and Europe for e learning and compliance training

online induction is secure


Branded to match your company logo and colours to promote training, progression and continual staff development as part of your company culture

The whole process of checking contractor competency and getting them inducted to site has been streamlined without any loss of quality – in fact there has been an increase

Stephen Lankfer


Engage your users to release their potential…

digital onboarding solution modules

Transform the impact of your training

The best induction and training materials engage the user in order to inspire new starters and help them adapt to work processes quicker. induct&train automatically adds engagement to your content, or induction pack by transforming it into interactive digital learning, so staff members and any new employee will heed your key messages and demonstrate stronger knowledge retention.

By uploading your content into our interactive induction solution, you can also reduce the number of safety incidents on site due to greater consistency through the onboarding process.

digital onboarding solution modules
online induction software bespoke training

Training that’s relevant to each user

Our online induction software gives you the ability to set up different training modules for different job roles so users are never required to read through information that’s not relevant to their role. Innovative digital tools like this help to enhance the employee journey when they join your company. induct&train doesn’t just provide you with this functionality though, it makes the whole process incredibly simple so your administration team or HR managers can setup specific content for employees with the greatest of ease, including contractors, on-site and offsite workers.

Provide tailored training packages to your staff and a great induction process with expertly developed induct software.

Putting your administrators in full control with cutting edge HR software…

Contractor Competency Records

Keep track of progress the smart way

A full competency profile is recorded for each inductee and stored within an easily searchable database of all staff and contractor records set up for digital induction training. This gives you the ability to instantly locate people with certain skills for a task, or look through historic records for how many attempts it took certain employees to pass a module in their training.

You can set up different induction profiles in our employee onboarding software that automatically choose relevant, pre-determined induction modules, so the user can have a unique induction depending on their role, entirely relevant to their skills or tasks.

Contractor Competency Records
Multi-site Online Induction Training

Automated training schedules and workforce management

The calendar functionality within our innovative staff induction software and training system is a useful tool for managing appointments, meetings and group training sessions with inductees. This gives you the ability to book people onto relevant events or for them to book onto events themselves, affording a limited number of spaces based on the pre-defined availability for that event.

We have focused on making life easier for administrators and HR functions. Adding events for future training is as quick and easy as possible and streamlines another task on the induction checklist. If you have three or four dates for a training session, you do not need to create new entries. Simply add each date into the software and an event will become available for the multiple dates specified. As the training courses approach you can easily view and print a list of attendees to act as a register for each training session.

Case Study

How Cemex improved their induction processes using induct&train

As industry leaders in the building materials sector, Cemex consider compliance vital to their operations as a company. They need to know that employees are qualified to be on-site and our software helped to achieve this…

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