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We utilise various social media platforms to build positive relationships and create a community around your brand, as part of a strategy that fits your business plans and objectives.

In sync with the evolution of online marketing, we are specialists at developing social media strategies that will generate interest and strengthen your marketing messages online.

Social media channels

There are more social media channels than ever, though it’s the biggest ones that are proven when it comes to successful digital marketing. Each social platform has its own set of benefits in giving your business a voice:

Facebook – Has the most users around the world. Excellent for building awareness in your brand and for developing a community around it

Twitter – Focuses on succinct, impactful messages. It has more of a ‘live’ concept than Facebook and relies on posting more regularly but can generate quick wins

LinkedIn – Business orientated, generally suited for professionals. A good platform to introduce shareable content to benefit your audience

Keyzo can implement any social media channel including Instagram and Pinterest, particularly if they suit your business requirements.

Social Media Positive Branding

Build a positive community around your brand

Setting up your account

If you don’t already have a social media account then we will set one up for you, on as many social media platforms as required. Not every platform will be right for your business and we won’t recommend anything that we don’t believe will work for you.

When launching a social business profile we include all key information to ensure your social presence is accurate to who you are as a business. We also brand your social page(s) as close as possible to your company guidelines for instant user recognition and we can provide a series of engaging posts to get you started.

Social account management

We provide a page management service for social media where we initiate an ongoing strategy to achieve your business objectives, strengthening your marketing messages and communicating with customers where they feel most comfortable. The goal is to develop your social media presence and increase your number of followers by growing your social reach.

We plan social posts strategically and schedule them to post across various social media platforms using our social media account management tool. We also provide analysis and in-depth performance reports so you can see the benefits to your business.

Social media campaigns

A large part of social media is about informal updates, such as photos from your office or updates from your team, which gives your brand that personal touch. However, social media is also a good vehicle to promote marketing campaigns, more formal messages intended to drive conversions and purchases.

Multi-media campaigns can be utilised on your social media account to tie in with your other digital marketing formats such as PPC advertising, which we also provide.

Strategic social media campaigns are an effective way to boost social engagement and drive traffic to your website for visitors to complete a desired call to action.

Social Media Strategies

Our expertise

Social media is often an underrated digital marketing platform and many businesses don’t see the benefits that it can provide. As social specialists, our expert team have completed lots of successful campaigns and strategically managed a lot of accounts for a range of clients.

We understand the style of language to use and the approach to take towards social media audiences, creating succinct, engaging posts to abide by character limits and have maximum impact. It’s not just about the written copy; posts that include images generally tend to perform better and the use of video content is growing rapidly, so we aim to include these types of content whenever we can.

Social isn’t about being everything to everyone. We work closely with you to identify only the most relevant and effective channels to reach your customers.

Social media psychology

We understand how much social media differs from other digital marketing methods and how it offers a different angle for marketing communications. This requires a different approach to other methods, particularly when attempting to connect your social following to other mediums such as your website.

Social media allows your company and your customers to have a voice that can be heard, though it often requires a lot of invested time and resource to generate a strong social following who regularly interact with your brand online.

Keyzo are the perfect agency to supply this resource for social media accounts, whether for specific marketing campaigns or full social account management.

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