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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We strengthen your online presence by increasing organic traffic to your website for long-term, sustainable success through consistent auditing and optimisation.

We understand how crucial Search Engine Optimisation is for any business that wants to reach an online audience and we specialise in increasing organic traffic and visitor quality.

Content optimisation

We constantly analyse your online performance and look for opportunities to optimise your website content and imagery. Through innovative thinking and creativity, we ensure that your content is expanded and optimised in order to generate regular, increasing organic traffic.

We focus on improving the search visibility of your site through a variety of different optimisation techniques. We look at keyword optimisation, image size optimisation, link building, meta titles and meta descriptions among other factors.

We understand that having a well-designed, attractive website doesn’t mean anything unless people are visiting. We deliver high quality traffic through a well-planned SEO strategy that delivers results.

Content Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation

Seo expertise

As experts in SEO we strive to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing industry standards, rules and techniques involved with optimisation and search engine rankings. We are very forward thinking and maintain our awareness of new tools that can improve our optimisation process, saving our clients time and generating better results for them. This is particularly true for Google Algorithm updates which can dramatically change the way in which websites are ranked in searches. This can miraculously improve or damage a website’s search visibility and can happen very quickly after an algorithm update is launched. We keep our finger on the pulse when Google launches updates to gain as much as possible from positive impacts on your website or to quickly turnaround negative affects if they occur.

Our experience and expertise is firmly established, creating highly successful SEO strategies for a number of clients from a wide variety of industries. Our strategy and SEO management process delivers tangible results.

Invested in organic search to improve rankings and increase traffic

A white hat agency

Some digital agencies still use SEO methods which Google considers aggressive. This is otherwise known as ‘black hat SEO’ and it focuses purely on gaining search engine ranking improvements without factoring in the human audience viewing the website in question.

Keyzo purely practice ‘white hat SEO’ which consists of on-site optimisation, content expansion, blogging and landing pages among other techniques which all help to generate additional organic traffic without disobeying search engine guidelines. It is our white hat approach which will prevent your website from being penalised by Google. With our tried and tested methods, you can be sure that your rankings and search visibility will not suffer.

Seo for local, national, or international businesses

We have ample experience in providing SEO strategies for Local businesses, National businesses and International businesses. Below we highlight a few reasons why SEO strategies can differ depending on your company’s requirements, along with some of the benefits each type of SEO can offer…

Local SEO

Highly targeted SEO with exposure over a specific geographic area, relevant to your business

Raise the awareness of your target audience

Most people confirm the location of a business online before visiting in person

Almost half of all searches on Google are for local businesses

Read our blog post on SEO for local businesses for more information

National SEO

Focuses on ranking for broad keyword terms to demonstrate positive ROI across the UK

Ideal for businesses based online

Extend your reach and online presence across the whole of the United Kingdom

If your website is already performing locally, your rank authority will benefit your national SEO

International SEO

A cost effective way to develop your business presence in new territories around the world

Rank for broad keyword terms globally, or over designated regions by providing information suitable to your target audience(s)

Ideal for businesses based online or with a strong presence in various countries

Enable search engines to identify which countries you want to reach by localising content and including the relevant language(s)

Effective seo measurement

We use an industry leading system for our primary SEO analytical tool. We have mastered the art of analysing organic SEO performance and can accurately measure keyword rankings, your search visibility against competing businesses and how optimised your web pages are for tracked keywords.

We frequently act on the information we obtain to further optimise your site content and improve search visibility. Tracking the rankings of your keywords allows us to see at any time how certain keywords are performing and how far their ranking has increased or decreased over any amount of time.

Crawling your website allows us to quickly identify any missing elements, faulty links, duplicated content or where elements might be too long. Once identified, we include actionable findings in our optimisation process before your site can be penalised by search engines.

Webmaster tools

Using Google’s Webmaster Tools, we have the ability to fully audit your SEO at any point and spot significant opportunities for improvements. Webmaster tools allows us to look at technical SEO elements and ensure Google is able to crawl your website correctly and see the most relevant information.

Using Webmaster Tools we can provide information on:

How effective your keywords are ranking on Google searches

Insights into indexing activity on Google

Any crawl errors, spam or viruses

A full breakdown of search statistics on Google

Your incoming links (traffic being referred to your site from other websites)

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