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We are experts at responsive email marketing; creating and sending effective direct messages to current and potential customers, to reinforce brand awareness and encourage recipient interaction.

We are specialists in planning, creating, scheduling and distributing email marketing campaigns, complete with expert reporting, whether your emails are focused on brand awareness or driving promotional content.

Direct communication with your audience

Email marketing is one of the most direct ways of getting your message across to current and potential customers. Our team is dedicated to building compelling, personalised email campaigns, with engaging content for this highly-targeted marketing channel, with the aim of building a relationship with your audience.

The biggest benefit with responsive email marketing is that wherever your customers are, they will likely be able to receive and read your marketing communications instantly due to the ever-growing level of mobile access and data usage.

Emails are an excellent way of communicating with remarketing targets, which you can read more about here.

Obtaining email addresses

The potential for email marketing is impressive; email is essentially the cornerstone of digital communication and is very cost-effective. Most web users have an active email account as they are a requirement when signing up for social media accounts, but despite the amount of email addresses out there, obtaining them for marketing purposes can prove difficult.

As a digital agency, Keyzo are accomplished at encouraging your website visitors to provide their email address or contact information, without the requirement for users to make an online purchase. One way this can be done is by adding a short contact form to your site in exchange for something your customers will want or need. We can help you not only create appealing email campaigns, but build and grow your contact database by focusing areas of your website on data acquisition.


One of the best ways to utilise email marketing is by creating newsletters for your mailing list. This requires good copywriting ability and although they don’t directly drive sales, newsletters have a range of important benefits.

We can create engaging newsletters for your business that will:

Develop brand awareness

Help to establish your company as a thought leader in the industry

Offer useful information and advice as ‘something for free’

Support your marketing campaigns

Drive traffic to your website

Email Marketing Newsletters

Direct online communication that delivers results


Promotional emails are an effective way of generating additional sales. Depending on your mailing list these could be aimed at existing customers, leads, or both. Due to the number of emails a recipient will receive in a day, it is important to have a subject line with a lot of instant impact, something our copywriters can provide.

We can create promotional emails for your business and we have the ability to:

Generate new leads for your business

Entice recipients to complete a purchase or a desired action

Support your marketing campaigns

Drive traffic to your website

Include dynamic content which enables you to send bespoke offers depending on recipient category; for example a 10% discount for one recipient and a 20% discount for another

Monitor & report

We can provide campaign reports containing a variety of information for each email send, including opens, clicks and conversions. Monitoring your sent campaigns, we can export a list of all recipients who have not opened your email and send follow-up communications to them in an attempt to prompt a response or an action.

We also monitor your emails to determine when recipients are opening and clicking through them to establish an optimum target time for sending future emails.


As an experienced agency we schedule email campaigns to be sent at the best possible time in order to have the biggest impact on the recipients in the mailing list. We can even do this for international time zones, ensuring your email lands at the most appropriate time, wherever it’s going.

We analyse the times, days and seasons which see the most interaction from recipients and use this as a scheduling template for sending further emails.

Another benefit to scheduled sending is that we can create multiple email campaigns in advance, allowing time for follow-up emails to be created and other campaigns to be built from opportunities that might develop.


We have created many successful automated email campaigns. They can act as a welcome message or even as a follow-up message to drive customers back to your site after a lack of purchasing action.

Automated emails can be set up so that they send after a set period of time has passed, or they can be sent when triggers are activated, such as completing a purchase online, abandoning a shopping cart, or viewing a specific product page.

Automation essentially enables your business to send pre-determined messages which land at the most optimal time to help drive your business objectives.

Email Automation

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